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NEW MASTER Xulta Heart of Icaria FTJ

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Update for testing. Add hate Against suicide aggro deck, knife and ageworn They help us get armor to gain control of the game

Thanks to the new hash rule card Shen-Ra Speaks, We can have a merchant time and 4 harsh rule of main (12 massive removal)

The site Xunta is very good to gain card advantage and new blocking units

The plan is control board with hash rule and play Power. Then we will play all our OP units.

The side is a banner for always have Power
Kairos for finisher
Shen-Ra Speaks, the other massive removal
Magebreaker for combo and control deck
Saber-tooth prideleader for relic destroy and hit against suicide aggro


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
4 3 3

Power Sources
14 16 13 17

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Deck Rarities
9 13 30 19

Card Types
30 7 13 4 26

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Homecoming [Set1005]
Trials of Grodov [Set1006]


November 10, 2019

October 10, 2019


Eternal Version
The Flame of Xulta

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Revisions (Since last major patch) October 13, 2019


Ernviher Edited Eternal Version: 1.47.6
How important is Ageworn Vestige?
Any replacements for it?
darkin Eternal Version: 1.47.6
Now I dont play ageworn in this metagame
biologynut99 Edited Eternal Version: 1.47.5
Why no Ramba, Arena Showman? Or Tocas?

Hes just amazing!
ExtinctSlayer Eternal Version: 1.47.5
I don't understand the one of fire sigil. Why not make it two to limit the power screw potential?
HimWhoEatsTime Eternal Version: 1.47.4
Auric Runehammer a decent budget option for Ageworn Vestige, or should I run End of the Story and like Avigraft?
Gruffleen Eternal Version: 1.47.3
Removed 2 Temple Scribe, 2 Amber Acolyte for 4 Seek Power, deck runs much smoother. I was basically 50/50 before the changes, with at least half the losses coming from poor mana. I haven't lost yet since. I am tempted to pull the other 2 TS and AA for 4 more Merchants, but I'll give it another 10 games to see how it runs.
Soulsbornepain Eternal Version: 1.47
This deck is everything that's wrong with eternal right now. And that's not a good thing.
NeroMcBrain Eternal Version: 1.47.3
In what way?
Soulsbornepain Eternal Version: 1.47.3
It's in your description. "4 harsh rule of main (12 massive removal) The plan is control board with hash rule and play Power. Then we will play all our OP units."
The first time I got in to eternal I was puzzled why there was so much removal available in the first place. Now there's more mass removal? As if Harsh Rule was ever an underplayed card? It's a problem because it restricts viable builds to units that provide immediate value. Hence Heart of the Vault and Icaria the Liberator. There is no real answer to these cards, because they provide so much advantage the turn they are played. Cards that don't (units in particular) are becoming increasingly irrelevant. And a site that plays it's own guards? Come on, that's just rubbing it in. I guess I'd rather have eternal a little more like chess and a little less like rock-paper-scissors. Like when your opponent draws merchants and you don't, so you lose. Or sites. Or Icaria. It makes skill feel irrelevant and turns everything in to a gamble.
teach42 Eternal Version: 1.47.3
The deck gets crushed by small aggro. It's a great deck, but it really needs a lot of time to get rolling.
Soulsbornepain Eternal Version: 1.47.3
Yeah, so what? I have to play yetis to be able to beat a deck? Woop-de-doo. I'm f'ing excited.
HimWhoEatsTime Edited Eternal Version: 1.47.4
The meta goes through cycles, but yes. If you want to win against the ladder, you play what will beat the current popular decks. The issue with playing Yeti's is that Unitless is very popular. You're playing the meta, not picking an archetype and forcing it. If your fav deck is not winning, you have to craft something different.
Soulsbornepain Eternal Version: 1.47.4
Yes, unitless and this. We've had Icaria the Liberator all over every meta since they buffed her. I don't think that's doing the new set any favors and instead of something to resist board wipes we got Edict of Shavka, which kills most aegis units. I don't see any significant changes happening in the meta any time soon because wide removal and Icaria just complement each other.
biologynut99 Eternal Version: 1.47.8
Then play expedition?
Soulsbornepain Eternal Version: 1.47.8
I'm doing fine against this just now with a fast and aggressive even mill deck. So I'm winning more by restricting my strategy to something that cares less about board wipes. Which is exactly what I was criticizing from a game design perspective as overly limiting. But I'm happy for now, because I've never played mill before and can now punish greedy decks.

As for expedition, well, Shen-Ra Speaks is expedition legal. The only thing missing is a new wincon legendary and I'm sure DWD will put one out soon. Then that will be 60% of the expedition meta.
NeroMcBrain Eternal Version: 1.47
I'm surprised you're not running Marshal Ironthorn
Ravager Eternal Version: 1.47
Man this deck is all over Masters right now. Probably going to be the most popular soon. Already would be if it didn't cost so much.
Alucard Eternal Version: 1.47
Genial! Por fin he llegado a Oro 3 con tu mazo XD
darkin Eternal Version: 1.47.3
You are the most cheto
Alucard Eternal Version: 1.47.3
jajaj XD
Nazanir Edited Eternal Version: 1.47
Heh, I've always like the idea of a Heart of Icaria deck, tried running one for a while, but I had pretty much the same idea since the Xulta site came available. My only chance was that I run Sabertooth main deck and that the one in the market becomes a flex slot. Mostly because it is just too good against Aggro, it helps stabilize well.
biologynut99 Eternal Version: 1.47
Does this work without the xulta site? Haven't put it on my craft list yet only have 66k shiftstone.
241ackerman Eternal Version: 1.47
I think theres a way you could run it in the market
darkin Eternal Version: 1.47
Yes, is a solution, change it by kairos for example
Doomfarer Eternal Version: 1.47
darkin Eternal Version: 1.47
Fixed thank you jajaja