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Katra's Camels

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This deck has been awesome for me as of late. The basic mechanic is to keep pinging Katra, the Devoted and/or the Cult Aspirant Umbren Thirster with life and growing some pretty big creatures. A couple camels or katras and things start growing really fast with all the drawing. Would love feedback, ideas for sideboards.

This deck is still being updated, most recently added Dark Return which helps with rebounding from removal.

Thanks to LightsOutAce added in Slimespitter Slug and am quickly climbing through gold.


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2 2 2

Power Sources
14 11 14 14

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25 24 15

Card Types
31 0 19 0 25

Control Midrange

September 29, 2017

September 21, 2017


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Vandrel Eternal Version: 1.24
I test the deck, and i really love it, I just change few cards, First. I add 2 Blind Storyteller you can use it in first turn and help to change a bad inicial hand. Second. I changed 2 Banish for 1 suffocate and 1 Annihilate, it helped in the begining of the game, the last Waystone Infuser is very usefull, You can use the top power card of u deck.
jihadnafsi Eternal Version: 1.24
What did you take out to put in Blind Storyteller and Waystone Infuser?
Vandrel Eternal Version: 1.24
One Beckoning Lumen and Explorer Emeritus, i tested the deck a lot and I had some problem with the power card, but i think is part of the random hand.