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June Sealed League - Taking Comments and suggestions!

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Work in Progress
1 Blood Beetle x1 1 Borderlands Lookout x1 1 Cabal Scavenger x1 1 Calibrate x1 1 Contaminating Ritual x1 1 District Infantry x1 1 Draw Strength x1 1 Entranced Cultist x1 1 Furyblade x1 1 Iceberg Frontrunner x1 1 Icy Gaze x1 1 Jibbering Jackal x1 1 Kaleb's Intervention x1 1 Mettle x1 1 Pause for Reflection x1 1 Potion of Alacrity x1 1 Ruin x1 1 Sky Worshipper x1 1 Tock Tick x1 1 Urgent Missive x1 1 Water of Life x1 2 Aamri's Choice x1 2 Breath of Voprex x1 2 Cabal Repeater x1 2 Combrei Stranger x1 2 Combustion Cell x1 2 Covetous Stranger x1 2 Eloz's Choice x1 2 Fearless Yeti x1 2 Fervent Siphoner x1 2 Herald's Song x1 2 Huddle Together x1 2 Magnificent Stranger x1 2 Malaise x1 2 Mob Rule x1 2 Numbing Cold x1 2 Pillar of Progress x1 2 Quicktrigger Outlaw x1 2 Reborn Master x1 2 Reconnaissance x1 2 Ruination Sledge x1 2 Sear x1 2 Snowfort Trumpeter x1 2 Steely Stranger x1 2 Sustaining Harp x1 2 Unfamiliar Interloper x1 2 Vara's Choice x1 2 Voice of the Speaker x1 2 Xultan Paladin x1 2 Yeti Cookmaster x1 3 Auric Herdward x1 3 Baying Serasaur x1 3 Bleak Basin Guide x1 3 Blink x1 3 Copperhall Marshal x1 3 Disciplined Amanera x1 3 Flickerling x1 3 Frontier Bard x1 3 Funeral Pyre x1 3 Grandfather's Axe x1 3 Gravetender x1 3 Lethrai Dead Drop x1 3 Loyal Watchwing x1 3 Oni Stalwart x2 3 Patience x1 3 Prickly Grenadin x1 3 Rainfall Accord x1 3 Rotorsmith x1 3 Sizzleback Salamander x1 3 Sky King Storyteller x1 3 Spellstrike Sorceress x1 3 Sporebreath x1 3 Static Discharge x1 3 Storm of Feathers x1 3 Valkyrie Cadet x1 3 Wind Conjuring x1 3 Wretched Raven x1 3 Xenan Cultist x1 3 Yeti Instigator x1 4 Audacious Bandit x1 4 Auric Weaponsmith x1 4 Clan Wallbreaker x1 4 Cutbrush Cartographer x1 4 Graceful Calligrapher x1 4 Hissing Spiketail x1 4 Mining Team x1 4 Nivia, Most Devoted x1 4 Runemarker x1 4 Xenan Augury x1 4 Xenan Cupbearer x1 5 Calderan Gunsmith x1 5 Colossal Pteriax x1 5 Crownwatch Press-Gang x1 5 Dustblind x1 5 Enchanted Platemail x1 5 Hold Under x1 5 Inferno Zealot x1 5 Jotun Warrior x1 5 Lethrai Bladewhirl x1 5 Marsh Dragon x1 5 Scarecrow x1 5 Triggerman x1 5 Umbren Thirster x1 5 Warband Chieftain x1 6 Acantha's Outrider x1 6 Aurapiercer x1 6 Boltcrafter Shaman x1 6 Champion Grappler x1 6 Cinder Dragon x1 6 Frostbite Chrysalis x1 6 Humbug Swarm x1 6 Powerbreach Sentinel x1 7 Bhodi & Rox x1 7 Sandglass Sentinel x1 7 Skyfire Hellkite x1 7 Starved Vorlunk x1 9 Scourstone Sentinel x1 Amber Coin x1

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The deck I put together for week 2 is here:

I don't really have a "plan" with this deck, I just tried to put in the best cards I found. I think my overall pool is pretty weak, I didn't even make a deck for the first week. Maybe I'm mistaken, but it also has no legendaries ...

The second week, I got an Aurapiercer, so I figured I'd build around that. Green has some nice tricks (draw strength, wind conjuring), and yellow is yellow.

I feel a little bad not including red. There's the nice covetous stranger/yeti cookmaster synergy, a sear, ruination sledge (I have 0 weapons in my current deck), frontier bard, and Skyfire hellkite for the top end. But I'm not really sure what I'd take out.

One concern I have is that these colors have basically no attachments, and I don't have any cards in the deck that really snowball. In general for limited formats, I have never had success with aggro or fliers, and have the most success with mill, or long control with lots of lifesteal. In constructed, I play almost exclusively aggro - I don't know what to make of that.

I'm open to all comments and suggestions. Thanks!


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2 2 2 2 3

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79 30 10

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75 8 35 0 1


June 9, 2020


Eternal Version
Shadow of the Spire

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