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Attack of the Killerwisps

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The gameplan of this deck is rather simple: Get a deadly wisp, give it killer, and then return it whenever you need to.
There are 8 deadly wisps and eight spells which make them go killer. The Magenta Wisps don't have deadly, but they are pretty good to kill early threats as enabling your tribute (Pathlighter, Soulbringer). If you lack the wisps to get killer, maybe you have a Kerendon Merchant. You have four ways less to recur him (no Soulbringers for him) but he's still pretty good, especially because every recursion of him not only kills a unit but also gives you the chance to market.
If possible, try to use a Soulbringer to return your killerwisps before using Dark Return, because if you dark return your Soulbringer, you will get two units back.
Sandstorm Titan is in here because you lack the possibility to defend against airborne units if you don't draw something like a recursion-loop (my max was four times recurring the same Pathlighter in one turn).
Lumen Attendant is another good way to return your Killerwisps or Soulbringers. Sometimes you want to try holding him back until you are at 7+ power, allowing to play him and use his ultimate in one turn, sometimes you want to hope he's not getting killed in this turn. This may even happen when you are at 7+ power because you hope you could discard a unit while getting back a Soulbringer.
Preserver of Dualities is good to create blockers and pump up your wisps which you try to recur most of the time, even if there is no target for killer, but Pathlighters can grow pretty big in this deck.
Devour Can help you grinding your deck for the killerspells or means of recursion you need, even if it means to sac a unit. It can also be used to get rid of an annoying permafrost on one of your killerwisps, enabling you to recur it, or maybe to enable tribute (Devour a used Killerwisp, play Soulbringer, get not only the killerwisp you saced but also another one back). It can also be useful if you have a really big Pathlighter you want to recur for killer, or if you want to rescue one of the important pieces of your deck from a silence (e.g. a deadly Killerwisp).
In my opinion, Ayan, the Abductor is the most flexible spot. His recursion doesn't work on your killerwisps because he silences them, but can bring back a 6/6 Lumen attendant who would be stuck in your void forever (voidbound). Sometimes he can safe your live by being able to dodge harsh rules and relic weapons as well as having lifesteal, sometimes he is just a 3/3 Lifesteal-dork sitting around doing nothing.

It took some time to settle for Dark Return instead of a Soulbringer, but Dark Return is more flexible. You can get back any unit you had to give killer (maybe because you didn't draw a deadly wisp) as well as a deadly killerwisp or even a Soulbringer. If you need to take action immediately, its better because it is easier to cast Merchant -> dark Return -> Deadly Killerwisp than Merchant -> Soulbringer.
In Cold Blood is the card to get if you play against a deck with lots of cards like Stonepowder Alchemist (sadly, it doesn't work against Piercing Grief) or if you don't have a killer-unit you could recur.
Burglarize as the only relic-hate I can offer, being really good if it hits a game-changer.
Shadowlands Tyrant as a threat that needs immediate answer or it brings you a big chunk of health. Even better if you can killer him, because then you can exterminate some smaller threats forming a big threat for attacking or avoid some fattie to kill a small hyperthreat OR kill some fattie he would protect otherwise (but for this, deadly killerwisps are recommended).
The Xenan Banner is for the times when you are REALLY desperately searching for that influence/power. Could be replaced with some endgame threat (e.g. Worldjoiner)

Cards not included that may wonder some persons:
Dawnwalker: He may be nice with his build-in recursion, but this deck just doesn't have cards to trigger it except for two SSTs and many times tributed Pathlighters.
Xenan Cultist and Void Drummer: This deck is based upon recursion, but these cards can hinder you killing your deadly Killerwisps when they killer and by this you would not be able to recur them to killer again. Void Drummer could profit from the Preserver and definitely needs to be answered and could replace Ayan if you feel like it.
Striking Snake Formation: Tested, but was underwhelming. Many times I would have been happier with some other card. Would be a market-option if I'd run a white merchant, but would be like the only reason why I'd play the white merchant. Not worth it in my opinion.
Predatory Carnosaur: A good killer-card, but doesn't fit the deck.

Make Xenan great again!


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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


September 19, 2018


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