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ManuS' Gunslinger Midrange

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Eternal Titans


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This is one of my latest brews called Gunslinger Midrange making great use of the power of Hellfire Oni and the Gunslinger related Weapons as pay-off in an Argenport Midrange style shell. You can find the complete deck tech here as usual: Deck Tech


Shiftstone Cost
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Influence Requirements
2 2

Power Sources
21 19 12 3

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Deck Rarities
14 21 24 4

Card Types
24 8 12 0 31


September 5, 2018

August 7, 2018


Eternal Version
v1.37 - Balance Changes

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Silvernight Eternal Version: 1.37.4
I meant that we often sit on 3 mana. In any case, thanks for the interesting idea.
ManuS Eternal Version: 1.37.4
well the deck alrdy has 31 power. thats a lot for 4 5 drops. so it really has enough power. rest i guess is just bad luck.
Silvernight Eternal Version: 1.37.4
I tested even more this deck, I liked it. The ability to fight even with Elysium, the only thing, sometimes crocheting on mana.
ManuS Eternal Version: 1.37.4
not sure what "crocheting on mana" means. And yeah the deck is great against time midrange. one of its best matchups.
Silvernight Edited Eternal Version: 1.37
Midrange - 3/3 for 4? A very mediocre deck, if the opponent does not have an answer, then yes, but in general the concept is very weak.
ManuS Eternal Version: 1.37
I mean it is not JUST a 3/3 for 4. and when it dies it doesnt matter what size it was since most of the time it would have died no matter what size it is since torch is alrdy plenty busy beforehand. the 3/3 for 4 is mainly a problem when it gets silenced or u dont have a weapon but the u have twice as many weapons and the swing it creates when u weapon up the oni is extremely powerful. the deck is just quite bad vs control and skycrag aggro but very good vs other midrange decks.
Omega19 Eternal Version: 1.37
Replacement for Milos Izalio? TY sir ManuS
ManuS Eternal Version: 1.37
There are no other good gunslingers u could replace him with. but he is a rare so he is not really that expensive. he also has the unique effect of making barrel deal 6. u can run the crappy common 4/3 for gunslinger instead i guess but thats way worse.
Omega19 Eternal Version: 1.37
Well, I still crafted them and it got me to gold 1! Will try to reach Diamond by tonight. TY for this great deck :)
ManuS Edited Eternal Version: 1.37
Cool. You are welcome. gl and hf :)
CrookedRook11 Eternal Version: 1.37
Made gold for the first time in ages largely on the back of this deck with a couple of Deathstrikes and Stonescar Sneak in place of the Sabotage (because, frankly, I still suck at getting value out of that card) and a couple more Annihilate. I'm playing it pretty aggressively, but it definitely has late game legs with Hotbarrel. Sneak has been an all-star for me. I used to be skeptical of your power bases, ManuS, but I've only removed two for the Deathstrike on this one. I played a mess of games before I took that risk, and so far having that late game Deathstrike and a Highwayman in hand has been worth the slight hit my power consistency has taken.
ManuS Eternal Version: 1.37
Hey thats cool :)
Cant recommend running deathstrike in anything these days. the card is way too expensive for removal and u alrdy have great answers with pistol and barrel to kill most bigger things (barrel on champion with deadly kills anything and on oni and milos it deals 6). annihilate is fine and u can replace suffocate with it if u need more answer to big stuff altho suffocate is greta tempo and helps with pesky teacher and auralian merchant a lot and is better vs the problematic aggro matchups.
cutting two power is very extreme especially when adding more costly cards. i kept adding power till the deck ran smoothly since i constantly kept sitting there with hotbarrel in ahdn not beign able to play it and the card is most powerful on curve on turn 5 not 6+. the most i can see is cutting one power but at that point u have to cut a shugo standard so u r basically cutting a spell that also makes u not be stuck on power so how much do u really gain? paying attention to things like that is a vital step in improving ur game and reaching gold and higher so dont be greedy and make ur decks inconsistent :)
not a fan of sneak but if it works for u and u have issues with sabotage sure. he is usually just to low impact and the ability costs too much while sabotage protects ur key units and weapons from blowouts so u can get ahead with pistol and hotbarrel and stick oni without them dying on the spot and also provides u vital information. card is pretty simple in the deck u usually just use it as early as possible when u can spare the one power to get rid of their ways to slow u down and get info.
gl with ur future games.
CrookedRook11 Eternal Version: 1.37
I'm inclined to agree on Deathstrike. Any more it or ICB are market cards for me in any other deck, but I'm a sucker for tribal synergy. I might pull it and screw around with running 3 and 3 annihilate and suffocate, adjusting to what I'm seeing in the meta as I try to climb out of gold. Or, 5 total and get some power back. I always find a use for extra removal, on the other hand, there USUALLY isn't any such thing as too much power either. Honestly, I haven't lost a lot of games to power screw; tomorrow the variance pixies might rough me up, take my Crests, and leave me bleeding under a heap of Disciplinary Weights. Who knows?
ManuS Eternal Version: 1.37
thats too much removal that will be situationally dead in ur hand. the beauty of thsi deck is that u get to run 12 removal (counting torch) that are never really blank vs anyone or anything not forcing u to play situational actual removal which might be low impact or useless. u also have the shugo tactics to deal with blockers. the main reason i ran this much power is to afford 4 shugot actics without them hurting ur curvin while also allowing ot hit 5 on 5 for barrel. without tactic id prolly run 30 in a deck with 4 5s it wants to hit on curve.
chrisjoiner Edited Eternal Version: 1.37
Budget replacement for highway man
ManuS Eternal Version: 1.37
Unfortunately none. Card does a lot of pretty unique things.