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Exploresaurus Rex

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Mulligan for evelina and a decent power base. You need 2 of each influence to be able to play eveything in deck. Try to use seek for the second primal. Opting to hold dinos for more value is often fruitful so you are often best with more dinos in hand and just enough to stall on board 6. Nesting avisaur does a fair amount of work with twinbroods and all the warp in the deck. So far the best highlight ive had is a hand full of 3 cost 12/11 twinbrood saurapods turn 6. Any suggestions on changes would be appreciated. Hope you enjoy the brew and dont let your memes just be dreams!


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Influence Requirements
2 2 1

Power Sources
12 17 13 16

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Deck Rarities
27 23 10 5

Card Types
33 1 15 0 26

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]


July 21, 2017


Eternal Version
Omens of the Past

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TheMatsjo Eternal Version: 1.24
I appreciate you trying to add Fire to the deck but I'm pretty sure you're better of sticking with just Time and Primal. Your deck seems to lack a bit of focus because you really want to focus on buffing and duplicating Sauropods with synergetic effects. Cards like Dragonbreath and Xenan Initiation can help you control the board without needing Fire cards. I can't deny that Diogo is pretty awesome though.