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Hello guys!

When the second set of cards came out and came the Champion of Fury and the Vadius, Clan Father everyone tested and had fun with the agro versions of this faction, but with the passage of time the Yetis were falling into oblivion, in the limbo that is became Ranked for this deck, he was years light of the aggressiveness of the Stonescar and the Rakanos, and did not have enough consistency to face the Chalices and the Combrei, so it seemed that it was the end ... but I think someone at Direwolf enjoy this deck because they have released two excellent cards to strengthen the deck.

Unexpected Results - friends, I loved this card, seriously, I'm in love with the card, I just do not put 4 in the main, because it would not be agro anymore and I'd hang in a lot with Control or Midrange, but the application of the only 2 copies on the deck is to fall the chin. Simply when our little friend is all pimposo telling that soon it will buy a Harsh Rule or another removal or finisher you play this monstrosity and besides removing of 3 to 4 cards of the deck of the opponent, cards that would surely harm to you still puts some bombinhas nice to make Kabum in the face of the poor guy, use cards to draw with only 5 life and these firecrackers on the deck is a real torture.

Crimson Firemaw - seriously no one has seen the damage this creature can do, a 4-sigil flyer with 5/4 body ... putz this is too strong, and has the small bonus of hitting the opponent's nose still in gives a magic almost for free, this for free, because there are few cards with more than 4 cost on the deck, simply insane.

Cinder Yeti - A good card for remove blocks from your front, make free way for your units hit the face of your opponent.

Some particularities of the deck, the amount of removal is fair, the large amount of Chalices, Burn Queen and Armory (now with Tavrod) requires these cards in the main, for championships I advise a few more along with more unexpected results.

Katana - weapons are needed to help trade creatures in the late game if your opponent survives there and some draws never are bad.

I went from Silver II to Diamond III with the list in two days, playing about 1 to 2 hours a day, I think the deck is really fun and competitive, hope you enjoy it and help improve what is possible.

Enjoy the fun!

Sorry for bad English, blame Google Translate!


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The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]


October 7, 2017

October 5, 2017


Eternal Version
The Tale of Horus Traver

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Firesun124 Eternal Version: 1.25
Well I like Rakano I thank Skyagro has been given a big boost with some of the new cards I like how this deck runs. I'm also running a sky dragon.