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Terrazon's Ramp

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Hi all

New deck build here. Wanting to seek advice on how to improve.

This deck's objective is basically to buy time in the early game and ramp up your power.
Pulling big cards in the market in the mid/late game to finish off your opponent.

****Disclaimer - Rare and Legendary Card is from my current card pool.
I only crafted some commons and uncommons to fill in some gap and to achieve certain objectives.

Appreciate all advice, comments and guidance from experience deck builders out here :)
Directions provided can be in terms of budget, non budget, and/or fusing this deck with another faction to create a new synergy.
Thanks in advance!

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August 8, 2020


Eternal Version
Argent Depths

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ZE1TGEIST Eternal Version: 20.08.06
I had used a mono time deck when I first started too. The Timekeepers are amazing in that regard. Mainly for Gauntlet. Getting the 4th Timekeeper might be good for the meantime.

If I'm not mistaken, Talir, Who Sees Beyond is a card you get for the intro quest. So it's a card you should have. It would not be a bad addition in the meantime.

You can buy theme decks for 3,000 gold. It will give you 1 legendary and 3 rares. It's good if you see something you really like. They're especially good to get if you were already going to craft a rare or legendary that's included in a theme deck. The Strange Cultists and Touvon's Behemoths have decent legendary beefy cards. But I recently got Roshi's Confounders because it had Helio, the Skywinder and Meveloft, the Huntress cards.

For now, cards like Waystone Gate are easy to get and is good. Same for Nahid's Distillation, Pillar of Amar. You should also habe a Temple Captain, which wouldn't be bad *FOR NOW*. (He kinda sucks aftwr oh het betrer stuffs.

Cards with decimate that let you invoke for other cards can be a good way to cheat legendary cards into your hand when you're starting out with Eternal. So factions with Invoke cards you like might be good. I dunno about Earth Conjurings viability or what you have available.

But mkst importantly, so long as you're nit playing Prism Golem, you could splash a second color simply for the lands/power cards. The Vows and Cylix cards are amazing. It's worth having them come in depleted for the deck thinning vows can give you, or the treasure trove Cylixes give you. Cards like: Praxis Vow or Xenan Cylix, or if you have a scout one like Crest of Wisdom. Also, any ither power card with added abilities usually help a mono faction deck get an edge. Cards like Amber Waystone. I'm not saying craft any if these fir the specific purpose. But if you ha e them - use them. The fire influence would help you get the bonus effect from card Seed of Creation, even though it's not a very great one. It's something.

Mostly you'll play a lot of gauntlet at first. They often have a lof of small 1 cost creatures. So I had played Primal for Lightning Storm. Also Primal has some great easy to acquire removal like Permafrost.

The Time faction does not ha e great removal, and flying might be an issue for you to keep in mind.

If you decide to purchase a campaign for 25K in game gold - of real life munnies consider what you get carefully. The Icaria, First Reaper from Shadow of the Spire is an amazing card for beginners.

Good luck!
EternalNoob Eternal Version: 20.08.06
Thank you ZE1TGEIST!! Great awesome information sharing. Information that would have taken me ages to learn if you have not pointed out! I'll see what i can do with the resources I have and make some changes. :) Once again, appreciate your time to review the deck.
ZE1TGEIST Eternal Version: 20.08.06
Anytime. I've been playing 2-3 months now and I just noticed the theme deck purchases for 3,000 gold.

Lots of tabs to look into from the main screen. Best to read and be aware if it all. Lots of game modes too. Like, there are events that come periodically. Monthy, seasonally, and randomly. Most of these cost about 12,500 gpld. You can get some good rewards though. Just depends on what you wanna spend your gold on at first.