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The Peoples Revenge

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Combo Hero of the People with the various three skill units to build mounting pressure and sustain. Other units are used to stall the board and keep the health total high.

This deck is inspired by W2hx-bzdcZ8 and overhauled into a Midrange deck. It consistently clears the Gauntlet at any difficulty. The power base can use a little adjustment, though I find you rarely lack shadow influence before you actually need it. It may be viable with some adjustments for ranked play but excels against the Gauntlet for farming gold.

The Combrei core is designed to sustain in the early game until you can combo Hero of the People with Piercing Grief, Karmic Guardian, or Silverwing Familiar. Each of these combos generates a 4/4 with life steal along with the other unit creating strong sustain and pressure.

Early game you want to create a board stall using Combrei Healer and Valkyrie Enforcer. The light card draw options mean that you want to mulligan for a way to handle the early turns based on which opponent you are against. Shadow influence is not an early requirement due to only needing it for a few cards.

Knight-Chancellor Siraf provides a decent early body as well as a source of Overwhelm for Hero of the People. In the late game it can be used to roll threats and blockers using her Ultimate.

Hammer of Might is an excellent weapon on Hero of the People granting a turn of +1/1 as well as offering a strong Warcry that can hit your Revenge units. Auric Runehammer should be used to clear the skies to allow your fliers to go over the opponent.

Dark Return can be pseudo card draw if used on an expended revenge unit. This combos well with Swear Vengeance when played on a unit with a summon effect. It also let's you pull combo pieces or big Warcry units.

Bartholo, the Seducer - Replacing Siraf with Bart gives Hero of the People unblockable which is better than overwhelm. Make sure to adjust for more consistent Shadow due to Bart being able to very quickly win the game with or without Hero early on.
Harsh Rule - I have yet to find a good time to play it, you rarely suffer from a bad board position, but it would fix the few times it happens.
Stand Together / Safe Return - Helpful against silence effects. Safe Return is generally a better Dark Return, though the pseudo card draw can be useful.
The Great Parliament - Another good late game choice as well as a flying source for Hero of the People
Find the Way - Included only if power consistency feels off, I prefer Seek Power due to it essentially being a depleted sigil
Devour - Extra card draw and an anti silence when used with Dark Return. I find this less valuable than the other anti silence options.


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July 24, 2017

July 18, 2017


Eternal Version
Omens of the Past

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