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I've been grinding with this deck for 3 weeks now, and I can say this is one of the best, most consistent and fun gauntlet grinding decks I've played.

This deck has and does everything you need against AI decks. early board presence that doesn't lose value late game. Lifesteal, regen, deadly, recursion, and a lot of flying. It can go wide or go big. It has token generation and card draw which combos with Inspire effects making massive lifesteal regen flying units.

It can win with multiple ways; early aggro value if Warleader connects. Mid game with incessant flyers and recursion. Late game is even easier with how much sustainability and value all of your cards generate, including your market units and the potential to build giant units with multiple battleskills and stat buffs, as well as various card draw options with Tasbu, Grenahen, Aeva, and Dredger.

A few pointers on the most impactful cards in the deck:

is the best card here. Basically a pre-pre-nerf Evenhanded Golem, before it got voidbound, except it has lifesteal, a better body and doesn't limit your deck building. In the last 10 completed runs I played it whiffed 4 times only. It almost always draws you a unit which will get Inspire effects so be mindful of your sequencing.

Grenahen can also draw a spell in Ice Bolt and Vara's Favor, both of these can be used as fixing or removal. I was using Nectar before Ice Bolt, but found the latter to be way more reliable as removal, and even more so as power/influence fixing and ramp for yourself.
As removal you never use it before turn 3-4 so the extra power AI gets from it is irrelevant at that point, as they never struggle on power anyway.

Also, keep in mind Grenahen discard works in favor of Dredger void effect, as well as activating Aeva tribute.

- Vine Grafter
Second best card. If this guy is in your opening hand, then you're set even with 2 power hands, especially against the go wide AI decks with lots of tiny units that win by zerking you early. They would never attack, which gives you enough time to market banner, Malediction, or In Cold Blood to reset if its against a go big deck, and giving your next unit regen, ideally Warleader or Dredger if it's turn 3, or Champion/Plasma if you market them instead. Kerendon Merchant is just a ghetto Vine Grafter market access, that also discourage AI big units from attacking.

-Memory Dredger
Another star of the deck. Don't be afraid to bait removals, chump and aggressively trade your 1-2-cost units, as Memory Dredger will be starving for units to draw from the void later. Lifespeaker can grow again after Dredger brings her back, Grafter gets regen back and can market/give regen again. Grenahen is instant card draw/void fuel again. Warleader retains her inspire buff.
Remember that all your spells can target your own units too, in case you ever needed that. (against stun spammers or silence for example)

-Aeva, Eilyn's Elite
She has potential to draw you 4 cards which can be used as chumps, evasive threats, market fodder, or if you have Warleader and life speaker or Champion, these tokens turn into actual monsters. You could easily live the dream and end up with 4/5 flying lifesteal 1 drops that can be revived with Dredger

Market cards:

Malediction : almost always the first thing you grab from market, a life saver against most AI decks and bosses. Your 4-cost units don't care about Malediction, your Warleader and Lifespeaker can outgrow it, and if they don't, then Dredger has more hits from the void after the board wipe. This can still kill 4-5-6 health enemy units, if you ping with Vara's Favor after, or trade your units prior as AI will always block with its highest health units.

-Champion of Cunning: with vine grafter regen, AI just can't deal with it. If you have Lifespeaker on board when you draw this then it will be aegis, lifesteal, flying, regen abomination that grows your entire board including your vanilla Aeva 1-cost tokens, turning the trashiest units into win conditions. Just make sure to suicide Vara before you play him if you care about the Aegis.

-Plasma Primordial : If you know the game is going long and you are low on board presence, then we draw this guy. You can probably find a better market option but I like him, he breaks board stalls and generates way too much value with his killer tokens which btw can trigger Aeva tribute as well as Tasbu card draw. And you usually play him late enough that most of the AI removal is gone, if not gone yet then they will 100% be gone after they use it on Plasma thanks to his effect, along with any spell they play.

rest of the cards in the deck and market are straightforward.

You could replace Blackhall Warleader with Ripknife Assassin, and Aeva with Midnight Gale or Rindra, the Duskblade as more independent threats if you think the token generation shenanigans with Aeva and Warleader is too cute

Please try it, and if you think it needs any adjustments then do so and share your experience.


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Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Stormbreak [Set1107]


April 29, 2021

April 27, 2021


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Cimp Eternal Version: 21.03.23
Illegal and reported. Can't have Xenan Lifespeaker in a Feln-deck.
pal Eternal Version: 21.03.23
it's been 6 days and im still contemplating about this comment