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Jipeg Trickery

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I'm new to the game so be king with my first deck :D !

This deck is a derivative of Direwood Trickery. He's cheap and need twiking so please do not hesitate to give advice to improve it ! :)

But for now I managed to win a lot with it ! :)

The objective is to be able to activate infiltrate capacity by removing opponent's units through spell, fast spell or unblockable capacity.
Once you get some 5/5 generated by your combo with some stun or removal at hand, it's usually a win.

Blood Beetle and Direfang Spider are here to soak up the first turn. Beetle, once infiltrated, give a cheap flying unit capable to be infiltrated again with Beastcaller's amulet. Lethrai Ranger is here to do some good damages if not manage with.

Dark return is nice because it permits to re-activate infiltrate and summon capacities. Haunting scream is nice to and combo well with summon capacity and Direwood Beastcaller.

Permafrost and Ice Sprite, as well as spells like annihilate are here to open the field and get momentum.

The deck contains some cards to counter specific decks like Livia, Hexweaver and Larai, the Appraiser. Crystallise is always helpful.

Champion of Cunning, if not managed, is game changing. I hesitate to put in some more...

What's your advises to improve it, community ? :)


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4 3

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15 18 8

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28 19 15 1

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29 9 17 0 25


August 2, 2019


Eternal Version
Dark Frontier

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PandaBroPound Eternal Version: 1.46.9
I would not hesitate on putting in more champion of cunning. I would swap the sprites for ice bolts. Crests of cunning are great as are cobalt waystones. Gordon fanatic is great with haunting scream.

If you plan on getting campaigns, baby vara (into shadow) desecrate (homecoming... I think) and sodi (trials of grodov) are all great cards.