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The Magician

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This is the Ixtun deck that took Me to masters during the January season.

I always try to sneak past the meta by making a different deck that counters what's being played atm. It's been hard to achieve most of the time, BUT this time around I managed to squeeze through :) I prefer to play Draft over Ranked, but I could not resist to play more Ranked since I really like to pilot this deck. The deck is still a work in progress and is definitely open for changes!

The main goal of this deck is to deal a massive amount of damage fast or to outlast your opponent's removal barrage and then deal a massive amount of damage fast, whichever the game demands first.

The idea was to bring back a "spells matter" deck since Levitate got buffed again and Display of Honor, Protect, Finest Hour etc, are really efficient cards when paired with this line up of creatures. You are free to sit with a single creature on board for long times to punish other control lists fairly hard.

Note worthy and essential cards are:
Shadowlands Borderscout
This card fixes power issues and is really devastating for the opponent when it sticks and draws you 4 cards paired with a Finest Hour for example. It's also great to put a Vanquisher's Blade or Shogun's Scepter on it... You do the math :P This card is probably not necessary for the deck, but card draw can become an issue otherwise.

Display of Honor.
This card is absolutely bonkers and is the MVP of this deck!
The versatility of the card is great but I rarely find Myself using the second mode on it (draw two weapons from your void).

Fevered Scout.
I picked this card over Rilgon's Disciple since it's easier to keep alive mainly. I think it gains more value during the game as well since you don't have to target it explicitly. It's terrifying for the opponent to attack in with what ever creature since they never know what spells you are sitting on and the same thing goes for blocking it.

Ixtun Cargo.
This is also a very important card to the deck and I don't see how the deck would be playable without it.
It fixes your power issues, activates your abilities and creates a random F/J/P-card when transmuted.

Hojan, Crownbreaker.
I don't know if I really have to explain this one, but Hojan is essential to the deck and it has been in almost all the creature based
Justice decks I have met so far, and for good reason. It's extremely powerful when paired with combat tricks and should be burnt down by the opponent ASAP or get wrecked by it's wrath and empower ability. Really nice to pair with one of the many spells the deck plays to get it's renown, steal some life and waste a creature of the opponent at the same time.

Red Canyon Smuggler.
This card is also essential and should be a "four of", for obvious reasons.

The most useful market card I have found that I almost always fetch for is Deepforged Plate (Surprise surprise).
But the deck got some serious late game power as well since the creatures being played are very annoying to remove in the traditional sense. To top it off I use one of the new stars from the latest set, which is Martyr's Chains. I rarely get to play it
but it's a game ender when I do.

Write Me a comment if you have any questions or suggestions!
All the best/Fusa


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January 28, 2019

January 27, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.42.3 - Balance Changes

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mikriv Eternal Version: 1.42.3
After playing with this deck, I think Crow has become much worse with Defiance's release. I only get various Cargo cards that don't suit my colours :(
Fusa Edited Eternal Version: 1.42.3
Yeah, that's unfortunate. It's still a solid damage dealer when you consider the berserk + combat tricks, and whatever spells you get will buff Geomar, Fevered Scout and Kosul Battlemage. I really don't have a good alternative to switch it with but I'm sure there's a good substitute if you feel the need to switch it out.
Hope you had some success with it otherwise!?