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I don't know why I do this to myself

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I just can't stop playing Xenan, even when it's bad for me


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
2 5

Power Sources
15 22 12

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Deck Rarities
17 17 12 22

Card Types
24 4 25 2 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Homecoming [Set1005]


July 3, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.46 - Dark Frontier

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BarnacleEd Eternal Version: 1.46.8
I worry for your sanity, friend.

Do you think it's worth considering Scorpion Wasp in market with all the Icaria decks around? I've also personally been maindecking Vara's Choice and leaving Ayan in black market in my own xenan mid attempt which feels a little more stable atm; There's lots of mono-fire and yeti decks around but I feel like you have enough anti aggro tools to not need 3 maindeck Ayan tbh.
LightsOutAce Eternal Version: 1.46.8
I feel like with Wasp the damage has already been done and I'd rather have more Vara's Choice, but I guess there's always stealing the Warcry with Azy.
PapaCapricorn Eternal Version: 1.46.8
17-3 BTW, including a 12 game winning streak.
Diablolee85 Eternal Version: 1.46.8
I was running a deck very close to yours( I also play xenan a lot). So I combined them. Tooky sufficates out for seek power kept Maladection in over eternity core(and no, I haven't had much power screw and the 3/3 helps alot with aggro) and swapped in obliesk in the market over the 4th AZ. Just went 7-1 with a lose to Rakano coming out too fast and 2 tasbu in hand -.-
somethingfun Eternal Version: 1.46.8
is there a replacement for ayan?
LightsOutAce Eternal Version: 1.46.8
Suffocate, Vara's Choice, even Instigator work fine. Ayan isn't even that good; I was just seeing lots of aggro.
ThePlatypusKing Eternal Version: 1.46.8
I want insignia! I want to play Xenan, too! BibleThump
Ninjacan Eternal Version: 1.46.8
This guy knows how to Xenan
PapaCapricorn Edited Eternal Version: 1.46.8
I just can't stop playing Xenan, even when it's bad for me

There needs to be some kind of Surgeon General's warning for this...
Sabate Eternal Version: 1.46.8
Have you thought about putting Tocas, Waystone Harvester as a power increaser and for your ability?
LightsOutAce Eternal Version: 1.46.8
You can't play a 3TT card in a Tasbu deck without an Insignia.
ETrex4240 Eternal Version: 1.46.8
Love the work for the archetype, any particular reason you're shying away from power units?
LightsOutAce Eternal Version: 1.46.8
The Shadow power base can't support it and the meta is too fast - you need to interact the first three turms.