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Dark Praxis 77

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77 card version of Dark Praxis. Why 77 cards, not standard 75? I always play 77 cards, mainly because I can't pick which two cards (mostly tech) to dump. In this case you could easily dump Find The Way and maybe one Deathstrike.

Deck plays the way you play Praxis Mid, only now you get ChaCha, Returns and hate cards. I was thinking about adding Maiden, but Steward is far better against Feln void decks.

Champion of Chaos - holy crap is it good with Obelisk.
Sandstorm Titan - best case scenario, craps all over Hooru Flier strategies/certain Argenport strats, worst - removal bait
Steward of the Past - crucial against Feln and Revenge decks
Xenan Obelisk - there IS a reason Ilyak hates this card
Shatterglass Mage - one of the best attachment hate cards in the game. Additionally, Overwhelm synergises with Obelisk, so yeah
Heart of the Vault - damage, warp, card draw and cost reduction in one. Not necessarily MVP of the deck, but a nice finisher

Meh/subbable cards
Find the Way - not sure there is a reason to play it in here, it does thin out the deck, but can be too slow. Decent in mid/control meta
Diogo Málaga - eeeeeh. Removal magnet 99% of time. Ult is amazing, since the deck runs a lot of Overwhelm cards, but without Protect/spell hate, it will get axed fairly quickly. Easily subbable
Azindel's Gift - in here mostly because I'm used to playing it in every single Shadow deck I have. Less impactful with Omens, because of added attachment hate, but can still wreck Control.
Predatory Carnosaur - late game removal, not much more to it. Better than Obliterate only because of Obelisk buff.

Cards you can use with this and will probably be better if you know what you're doing, brah:
Banish - not in here because of Wasps, Deathstrikes and SG Mage. Use it if you want to cut some of those and put in something else. Like dunno, Idol of Destran
Temple Scribe - I love this card, but it lost to Amber Acolyte
Statuary Maiden - yay for Overwhelm cards with weapons
Purify - silence/removal. Probably will be subbing FtW and one Diogo in near future

It's an incredibly simple build, but imo plays in a slightly more fun way than usual Praxis Mid.


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August 22, 2017


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