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This is the main thing that I've been playing ever since Vara was unnerfed in January. This list put two of us in the top 10 on ladder in January and had a 3/5 conversion rate for making T64 in the February ECQ (going T8, T16, T64). In other words the deck has been very good for us, though if the deck becomes popular then it is vulnerable to cards like Vanquisher's Blade.

Some miscellaneous notes on playing the deck:

1) The powerbase looks atrocious at first, but it really isn't bad. The deck only needs PS influence from its opening hand to be functional, since that suffices for everything other than Grasping and hardcast Vara, and you draw enough cards that you almost always have the influence for those by the time you are ready to play them. Don't be fooled by the Azindels and Privileges - you never hardcast Azindel and very rarely hardcast Privilege (and usually only late in the game).

2) Keep/redraw is interesting with this deck: you need to redraw any hand that doesn't have PS influence (or S influence + merchant, since you have a banner in the market), but after that there are two main things you are looking for:

a) Something to play on turn 2 (Suffocate counts); if the hand is otherwise good and you are on the play then waiting until turn 3 is acceptable.
b) Something that gives access to additional cards from your deck: this means Sporefolk, Privilege, Cartographer, Strategize, Herald's Song, Observer. Contracts and Crests also help a bit. Basically you need to start churning through your deck, making sure you hit power drops while also stocking your void.

You should keep most hands with PS influence over going to 6 cards, since being down a card is not great with all the Cartographer/Song effects. It's also worth noting that having the actual reanimation cards (Grasping/Vara/Azindel) in your opening hand is not very important, though having an Azindel to discard can be nice.

3) A couple notes on comboing off: the most common setup is Vara -> Azindel -> BSH + merchant/Sporefolk/Delinquent, which is usually plenty to win (you get several threats, lots of blockers, some life, a card from their deck, and additional value from whatever else you brought back). Sometimes you have extra Azindels or Varas and can put even more stuff into play, though against Harsh Rule decks you sometimes want to be a bit cautious about giving voidbound to too many cards. There are also a lot of matchups where you don't need to have the full Vara+Azindel+BSH package to win - sometimes Azindel is enough (especially if you have several other units to attack with that turn), or Vara + BSH is pretty good at surviving against aggro.

4) There are some strange interactions when comboing off that are good to know. First, if you have Vara, Azindel, Delinquent, and some other shadow unit in your void, as well as a shadow unit in hand that you want to reanimate (e.g. a second Azindel or a BSH), then you can do Vara -> Azindel -> Delinquent, then discard the unit in hand to Delinquent and immediately reanimate it with the second Vara trigger from Azindel. Sporefolk works a little differently: if you have Vara, 2 Azindels, and Sporefolk in your void then you can do Vara -> Azindel -> Sporefolk -> Azindel and then anything discarded by the Sporefolk is eligible to be reanimated by the triggers from the second Azindel.

5) You usually want to hardcast BSHs rather than discarding them; the exception is if you need one for T5 Grasping against aggro. You also want to be careful about discarding Varas in slower matchups, since sometimes they Sabotage your Grasping or try to hold up Kaleb's Choice or Display of Instinct, and in those spots you often end up wanting to hardcast Vara.

6) Similarly, you don't always want to get Grasping with a merchant as soon as possible. Unless you expect to play Grasping in the next turn or two, it's usually better to wait on the merchant. Sometimes you need to get a removal spell for a unit with Vanquisher's Blade or Burglarize for Gavel, sometimes you need to get a banner to keep hitting power drops, and sometimes you just draw Grasping naturally or decide you want to hardcast Vara instead anyway. In addition, getting Grasping exposes it to Sabotage; against Tomb decks I usually wait to give them the opportunity to Tomb me before getting Grasping.

7) As with any deck with Privilege of Rank and a low J sigil count, you want to use Strategize to put J sigils back into your deck whenever possible (unless you need the extra power). That said, usually you aren't too sad if your third Privilege of Rank fails to find J sigils if that means that you already drew four cards for free that game.

8) The matchups with this deck are generally very good if your opponents don't have many void hate cards. Decks with 4 Vanquisher's Blades maindeck are the worst, especially if they have Tavrod to help find them or are placing the blades on aegis units. Gavel from the market is also unpleasant, but at least you have an answer in your market and they only have the one Gavel.

In the absence of serious void hate, this deck is extremely favored against FTP and moderately favored against FJS. Most aggro matchups (skycrag/HH/praxis) are also favorable since your 1/2s and 1/3s and 2/1s are good at buying time to get Grasping or BSH, though rakano is unfavorable because they often kill you in the air and sometimes have Vanquisher's Blades too. Combrei Chains is a bit unfavorable (they often go bigger than you do and Telut matches up well against Azindel, though sometimes you steal games by Burglarizing their Chains), but stonescar grenadins is close to a bye and you are good against Kennadins too.

I expect that this deck will remain at least playable regardless, but it will definitely get worse if Vanquisher's Blade decks become more popular or if more FJS decks add Gavel to their market.


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Influence Requirements
2 1 1 3

Power Sources
5 12 14 12 8

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Deck Rarities
16 26 19 12

Card Types
30 0 23 0 27

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Into Shadow [Set1004]


February 10, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.42.3 - Balance Changes

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VoidKing Eternal Version: 1.45.7
Good deck, but I don't understand why Vara's ability sometimes chains and sometimes just stops even when there are still more black units in the void without voidbound.

Is it a bug? I keep reading Vara and it seems like she should chain forever until there are no black units without voidbound left in the void.

Am I missing something? Please help.
grene Eternal Version: 1.45.7
The units vara reanimates don't count toward her "play" trigger. But, when you pull Azindel, he plays two more units, which do count as plays, so those trigger more. That's why your first pull should always be Azindel when possible.
VoidKing Eternal Version: 1.45.7
Thank you for this. That makes sense.
Jkjkgirl Eternal Version:
Wtf is hard cast? Googled it and came back to
LightsOutAce Eternal Version:
Pay the number in the top left and play the card from your hand. As opposed to cheating it into play with Grasping at Shadows.
JoeCool Eternal Version:
Very fun and efficient deck, thanks for sharing! I only miss 3 Black-Sky Harbinger, put Slimespitter Slug instead, and it actually save me versus an heavy flyers opponent.
ericfils Eternal Version: 1.43
Made it to masters with this deck! Thanks a lot. Been looking for a good combo deck ever since I started Eternal and voilà. I rarely went for the annihilate in the market so I switched it for a Devastating Setback and it was good for me.
mauric Eternal Version: 1.43
This deck is so explosive and fun! Finally we have a reliable working reanimator deck for Mama Vara. Well done!
YurickYu Eternal Version: 1.43
No slay in market? 5 justice sigil and no justice cards is weird. I see some ecq matches and against the mirror took alot of turns with both players dont attacking: Nightmaw or Snowcrush Animist would help mirror right?
NoOneEver Eternal Version: 1.43
Privilege of rank is just for deck thinning. example If I have herald's song and Privilege of rank in my hand. I can play herald, then discard privilege which gets played allowing me to draw 3 cards in total or to be more exact. I played a 2-cost card and a 3-cost card using only 2 power.
Alison Eternal Version: 1.43
This deck is amazing. I thought it was some bullshit highroll deck that would fade after a week at first, but within three hours of playing this deck, I have already achieved rank 0 and reached spiritual enlightenment. When I first imported this deck I could hear a chorus of angels thrum through me and LSV himself came up to me and said "you have achieved the highest possible state of Eternal Card Game. Please ascend the Eternal Throne so that you may rise above mere mortals." Every time I play Chairman's Contract my ladder opponents instantly concede and then add me afterwards to gush about what an honor it was playing against the legendary Rank Reanimator deck. In addition I have gained telekinetic abilities and 62 IQ points after learning how to mulligan correctly and sequence card draw for this deck.

10/10, well worth the shiftstone.
Raven333 Edited Eternal Version: 1.43
This guy zone theories. Baha pristimie
BillCosbatron Edited Eternal Version: 1.43
I used to be a blackjack dealer on a riverboat named the Black Sally's Apple, that was a dark time in my life.
Baha Pristimie