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Into the Shadowlands [Top 40 Masters]

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Eternal Titans


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With the addition of the new campaign 'Into the Shadows' I believe mono-shadow finally has a shot at being a competitive deck - if you look back at the decks I made in the past - you'll notice I tried making mono-shadow work in previous sets. I think we finally got there!

So with Into the Shadows comes two great shadow cards in Vara, Vengeance-Seeker which provides the deck a powerful anti-aegis unit so our removal isn't getting two for one'd, a card that provides tremendous value with dark return, as well as provide lifesteal/deadly for pesky aggro or big time decks. Then we have Shakedown which provides great utility of hitting multiple types of permanents that cost 3 or less from our opponents hand, this is big when we want to hit things other than spells like teacher of humility and surprise desert marshal's or scorpion wasps while still hitting those crucial spells from our opponent like Stand Together, Banish, and Annihilate. Nightfall is just a bonus or curse depending on your view.
Last but not least we have Sealed Writ which is a colorless power source early but a card that later can be a way to finish off a creature, relic weapon, or opponent and since we don't have a card over 7 or multiple faction requirements this is just a free-roll in my opinion.
I know I have Eremot, the Gathering Dark in the market and it does have sweet synergy with Dreamsnatcher but it hasn't been amazing unfortunately though Im still gonna keep it in there for now as it does provide an evasive threat and win condition against decks with very few units. I think a good replacement might be The Last Word if you wanted a different market card that could win those long grindy games.

So what got better for this deck outside those new cards
Dreamsnatcher - to me this card went way up with the release of into the shadows. It synergizes with our discard effects and is an effective 2 drop against aggressive decks as well as providing a late game effect which can outright win the game.
Keredon Merchant - Well with the release of Fall of Argentport we got a powerful tool to help us add consistency and specific cards we want to exchange for particular matchups.
Shadowlands Tyrant - Its finally time for this unit to shine - with having another must answer creature the opponent must deal with and in conjunction with discard and dark return - he truly can take over a game all by himself.
Cull the deck - a cheaper and leaner scheme - this card filterer is a welcome addition
Devastating Setback - A power modal spell which protects our powerful units or stops swarm/aggro decks from overwhelming us but also providing a +1 strength to our dreamsnatcher

Your good matchups: Combrei Aggro, Skycrag Aggro, Rakano Valkyries, Stonescar Aggro or Mid, Praxis Tokens, and any heavy time based deck.
Your medium matchups: Temporal, any Mask of the Torment deck, and Armory.

10/11/2018 Update: So with the nerf to temporal control we can cut Eremot as its the weakest card by far - so with that I added another In Cold Blood to the market as there will likely be a pick up in justice decks but this spot I think could be alot of things like Umbren Reaper, Sleepless Night, Shadowlands Feaster, Vara, Fate Touched, The Last Word, Touch the Umbren, Slimespitter Slug, Stray into Shadow, or Thief's Pick.


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Power Sources
23 4

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Deck Rarities
8 26 18 12

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20 1 32 0 27

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Into Shadow [Set1004]


October 14, 2018

October 11, 2018


Eternal Version
v1.39 - Into Shadow

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Revisions (Since last major patch) October 11, 2018


Jaune Eternal Version: 1.42.3
whether deck is relevant? If yes, can be replaced Ripknife Assassin? I don't want to bay campaign because of this...
InGenuity Eternal Version: 1.42.3
Kerendon Steward would be a fine replacement. The deck can change quite a bit now that we have Dizo's Office and Vara, Fate-Touched.
Jaune Eternal Version: 1.42.3
Thanks for the quick response. MonoShadow is my favorite deck.
Wingflier Eternal Version:
Faced this the other day on ladder, was pleasantly surprised at how powerful it was. Thought I was against a meme deck at first.
InGenuity Eternal Version:
Nice :P
Ninjacan Eternal Version:
Any reason not to play marionette cross?
InGenuity Eternal Version:
I see that card as more of an aggressive-slanted unit which this deck isnt really trying to be
chaostehjace Eternal Version:
Eremont is amazing in casual when you run into people trying to play Calderon Cradle
SKiTHx Eternal Version:
what about new caiphus? or veteran mercenary? just thoughts
InGenuity Eternal Version:
Caiphus can certainly have a spot in the deck as you have all 4 dark return so the value is there for it to be a force
Revvy Eternal Version:
New Caiphus is actually a great substitute for a Vara or two, or a Tyrant or two. His potential for being deadly is huge, and even if he's not deadly, he's always a big body with frequent removal mitigation.
ButterflyTsunami Eternal Version:
What can I replace Shadowlands Tyrant with?
InGenuity Edited Eternal Version:
Umbren Reaper or Veteran Mercenary is probably the best replacement for it but you can also try Auric Interrogator, Impending Doom, or Memory Dredger.
crackvariety Eternal Version: 1.39
Hell yeah, like seeing a mono list succeed in high Masters. Nice work dude!

This deck seems super tuned to beat up on aggro. Do you find that you've lost points against control as a result? The list looks threat light and was curious how often you end up with a hand of kill spells and no way to win.
SasquatchBrah Eternal Version: 1.39
Against control you could try swapping dreamsnatcher for 3/2 unseen tht can draw you cards. That is a very powerful turn 2/3 when you don't want to commit to the board and shadow has enough lifesteal to counteract any damage you take from him
InGenuity Edited Eternal Version: 1.39
Thanks and congrats to you for getting to masters with a mono-shadow deck as well!
Ladder is usually more aggro based so I do tune my decks toward that and yes as a result you usually lose some points against control but this version definitely has more game against them now. Dark Returns, 8 Discard effects, and some market cards allow you to have a much better shot of beating control decks. You have 24 creatures counting the monuments so I havent felt like I'm just sitting there doing nothing most of my games.
crackvariety Eternal Version: 1.39

Yeah, makes sense. The 24 sneaks up on you, didn't look like all that much at first. As far as the list having game against control, I'm having the same up and down performance with Eremot. I'm hoping it's partially a result of not a giant sample size but he's been medium.

Thanks for the reply!
Magikarp Eternal Version: 1.39
alllll aboard the upboat