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The best deck in Expedition now

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This deck is great. Took me to masters as easy an can be. I really only lose to mirrors and bad power draws with it. Went 13-0 to cap my run. Armadillo > Monk because everyone's playing Varas favor and anthem effects are good. The market might be garbage, I only ever grab hourglass and crystallize. Get your spellshapers out and draw some cards, boys!

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3 3

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17 16 8

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9 21 28 1 11

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36 9 10 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Trials of Grodov [Set1006]


December 5, 2019


Eternal Version
The Flame of Xulta

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Zeptinune Edited Eternal Version: 1.49.2
Hey man I've got most of these cards but I'm missing a few. Namely the legendaries, Gnash, Unrelenting and Sodi the Metamorph. Does this deck fall apart without Sodi the Metamorph? I've read from other comments that Gnash can be replaced. What would you recommend more of to replace him?

For Sodi I replaced him with 2x Eager Offering which doesn't seem too terrible, though he lacks the power replenish and unfortunately cannot attack... and 2x Lightning Sprite. Maybe another option could be Unraveling Fanatic, though it gives the other player 3 cards also. What do you think?

Should I use more than one Albon Roa, of the Order instead also because I'm missing Sodi the Metamorph?

Can I get some advice?
mauric Eternal Version: 1.47.9
what could i swap gnash with?
sanhedrin Eternal Version: 1.47.9
This plays like a dream.
Ravager Eternal Version: 1.47.9
90% of the time I'm stuck on 2-3 power with a hand I can't play.
Comment Deleted
Axulus Eternal Version: 1.47.9
I'm getting decimated by control heavy decks, especially fire/justice/shadow decks. Been stuck in gold II for 20 games.
BoboBaer Edited Eternal Version: 1.47.9
This is by far the hardest matchup. I just got to Masters with this build myself yesterday, thanks Joey! :)

If you play against FJS you want make sure that you:
1. Don't have to many Units in the same Color Identity on the board, otherwise you get decimated
2. Meanwhile you need a lot of creatures to push damage (You need to get a feeling for it and even than the matchup is hard)
3. Want to use Sodi's Onslaught trigger for Karvet
4. Try not push one of your units to more than 5 health, otherwise their Display is going to hurt you
5. Play Permafrost early (on Siraf) to push damage
6. Use your Gryffin wisely. Never play it on an empty board (which should be obvious), instead try to play it whilst the Aegis Elemental with Aegis (preferably with Flying/Endurance) is on the board
7. Try to play Spellbreaker on multicolored units or if you have a Counter up. This way their removal, which is conditional, won't hurt you that much.

Overall there are so many decks out there, that this matchup or TJS shouldn't hurt you in the long run.

I hope this is helpful for you (and others) :)
pdxlowland Eternal Version: 1.47.9
Couldn’t get over the hump to masters but this took me there in an hour of playing. Thanks for the deck.
biologynut99 Eternal Version: 1.47.9
Replacement for Gnash? Only have 1
JoeyJoJoJr Edited Eternal Version: 1.47.9
Resolute monk, Lightning Sprite, albon roa and ila and mizo are the best units not in the main Imo. Obv if you go with Albon Roa replace him in the market.
Crankzii Eternal Version: 1.47.9
I've been playing a fair amount of different elysian and TJP tempo decks lately trying different brews and I really like your addition of Amaran.

I'm running monk and ice sprite over gnash and temple shihan as I don't have gnash and I think ice sprite works wonders in these types of decks.

I've also found Rost is an amazing bomb to have in the market and I also have read the runes for extra protection against wipes.
I have also been running crystallize in my markets too its a great card for a jammed up board.
JoeyJoJoJr Eternal Version: 1.47.9
Do you mean lightning sprite?
Crankzii Eternal Version: 1.47.9
Yes, sorry about that
ReflectingMyDescent Eternal Version: 1.47.9
weren't gnash and sodi going to rotate out of expedition? why would anyone craft them right now?
SinthoraS Eternal Version: 1.47.9
They are in the new set, will stay for a Long time
ReflectingMyDescent Eternal Version: 1.47.9
oh really? I might've misread something then.
deedub Eternal Version: 1.47.9
With Trials of Grodov coming into expedition, they originally announced that Gnash2 and Sodi2 wouldn't be joining but due to community feedback they took out prideleader and kept in Sodi2. Gnash3 has always been expedition legal
Nordos Eternal Version: 1.47.9
They CAN rotate when the next Set drops - but that is late January at its earliest (so, more than a month to go)...