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GRENADA!!! (with Scarf)

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A version of a Grenadin list I already run with a bit more spice to it. Grenadin have typically had two major weaknesses. The first is having its parts all line up right. Markets have helped this a lot because you don't need to main deck things like multiple copies of combustion cell when you only ever really want to draw 1. The other weakness it has are flyers. You generally have infinite chump blockers and boards in a can so you laugh at big dumb idiots like SST and mass removal. But evasion like flyers or overwhelm are real pains. Markets to the rescue again! By running Sandstorm Scarf out of the market you shut down the major offender and eliminate one of the main weaknesses of the deck. The trade off? You add another moving part to a machine that already needs things to not go haywire. Generally the deck runs better than the 2 color version cause flyers REALLY suck and Valks are a real thing right now. Also, you do have problems with decks that go WAY over the top like Diogo Combo but you can't solve everything. :P


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Influence Requirements
3 1 1

Power Sources
16 7 14 12

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Deck Rarities
28 16 18 9

Card Types
31 4 20 0 25

Control Midrange

July 23, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.46 - Dark Frontier

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