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Combrei Anti-Aggro Midrange

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I have been facing lots of aggro decks this Season (July 2017) in ladder. Between Skycrag getting lots of great tools for aggro and people trying out new things with Set 2 that you can punish with fast and consistent aggressive decks, it seemed like the place to play a deck that has a great matchup against these decks.

The deck is a Combrei midrange deck that sacrifices some of the lategame power of Big Combrei in favor of skewing "anti-aggro". It's filled with 3 drops that make aggro's life difficult such as Combrei Healer and Copperhall Bailiff. While you may often fall behind in the first few turns of the game, the deck almost always manages to stabilize against all but the most perfect draws of the aggressive decks, even if it misses a power drop along the line.

However, this deck also packs the lategame punch to overpower other midrange decks in the form of Waystone Infuser & Mystic Ascendant. This combination is quite powerful and together with Siraf and the Great Parliament wins most midgame standoffs.

It has some trouble against dedicated control decks such as Armory or Feln Control. However, its big units can give Armory some trouble and it plays enough must-kill threats that a Control deck that doesn't draw enough answers might just lose.


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17 16 8

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12 21 13 15

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37 0 13 0 25

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Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]


July 24, 2017


Eternal Version
Omens of the Past

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