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ECL Casual Friday
February 1, 2019


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2 2

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15 15 8 4

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18 32 20 1

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30 11 13 0 26


February 2, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.42.3 - Balance Changes

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kirinzero Eternal Version: 1.43
Hello, I don't normally comment on decks, but thought I'd put my 2 cents on this one. It's not a bad little warcry deck. It's pros are that it keeps most power cost down to 3. This makes it (powerwise) very cheep to get things out and moving. It also is able to ramp up weak units and attachments to make them a reasonable threat. I've been able to win on turn 6 which isn't too bad. It's cons are a little extensive:

1) It's power is unbalanced. So, with a deck percentage of 61 green to 39 red you need more of a green power to red ratio. Currently it's at 15 : 15 with only a Diplomatic Seal to help give you more of the green that you will need, and Diplomatic Seal is only going to be good for the first 3 power drops, so if you don't have 3 Diplomatic Seal's in your opening hand and you will wind up begging for green power especially if you want to play Vanquisher's Blade, Valkyrie Enforcer, Avigraft (gag and I'll get to this one in a moment), or Deepforged Plate. The other thing is that if you do have 3 Diplomatic Seals in your opening hand hopefully you have all green units or again you will be hurting or having to use these as red power which again will put you in a bind for green power. Which I'm assuming is the reason why the Crownwatch Standard is in the market; because he kept getting screwed on green power. After power drop 3 Diplomatic Seal is useless except for acquiring power, which after power drop 3 you really only need for Highland Sharpshooter/Warhelm combo, Hojan, Crownbreaker powerup, Vanquisher's Blade spellcraft cost (which unless in dire do do you should be saving for the spellcraft ability), Kosul Battlemage/spell card combo, using as a switch card for your merchant, or playing Avigraft, Deepforged Plate, or Obliterate.

2) Having a power card in your market. So, most cards put into decks are put there for a reason ie their usefulness. After a certain amount of influence and power really your power cards are useless for the most part. The most influence that you will ever need of any specific color is 6 after that it's totally pointless. The most power that you really ever need is 24 (but really that's not correct I'd say maybe 12). Let me explain, there is 1 card in this game that has a cost of 24 which of course is The Witching Hour. However, I seriously doubt that you will ever need to pay the full cost as every time that you play a non-power card it reduces it's cost by 1. If you have to go 24 turns only playing power cards and not dying please contact me immediately because a miracle has occurred. lol Really your goal should be to win by turn 4. I've done this a few times. There are a few other cards that are more expensive than 12, but they have bond and so you should be playing them well before then. As for the 12 cost cards you have come up against an awesome stand off welcome to a very long game, and maybe you should rethink your deck because you didn't win by turn 4. lol Actually, I can think of a few ways to get the 12 cost cards played before turn 12. So, back to what's wrong here, use power cards to switch with cards in your market. Do Not put power cards in your market to switch with. This is utterly ridiculous unless of course your power ratio is not balanced correctly. Example A above. With this deck you really don't need more than maybe 7 power, 2 red influence, and 2 green influence. You can probably do just fine with 5 power, save everything else for switching or pumping up your crownbreaker.

3) Having cards in the deck that do not fit the deck. So, this is a warcry deck. Attack with warcry pump up your other units and weapons so that when you draw them you have bigger things. Granite Waystone does not fit this deck in my opinion. Yes, you get a red influence that you really don't need because you need more green and yes it gives you a 1/1 Grenadin which is only going to be useful in blocking units that do not have overwhelm. You are also not going to get mister Grenadin until turn 4 because that's when the card's ability activates. By this turn you should be close to ending the game. So, the point of this card is???? Hey, I've got a card that can create a 1/1 unit; in your face. lol When making a deck please look at the usefulness of each card. I will give my 2 cents as to what my suggestion is for replacing this and others.

4) Durability of units and attachments. So, in having units and attachments that can last more than one turn is going to be very helpful in working towards that turn 4 win. Having things that can be easily killed or discarded is something to give serious thought about. Now there is a tossup about speed and endurance. These non-durable cards are sometimes called one shots because they do something one time and then they are toast. Your one shot things should do something awesome, because they will only be used once. Example if I have a choice between a 1/1 unit and a 2/2 unit with the same cost which one will last longer? Although if I have a 1/1 that blocks the ability for the opponent to play other units then yeah that's awesome. More than likely the 2/2 is going to hang around a little longer to do more damage. Units that have a 1 health for me are in serious question simply because mister 1/1 Grenadin is more than happy to take them out. Perfect example is Grenadin Cannoneer without this cards ability to put a 5 damage bomb into an opponent's deck this cards is almost worthless. Even with it's ability you are taking a serious gamble that the bomb doesn't windup on the bottom of their deck. I'd sacrifice my 1/1 unit against this card every game. Oni Ronin to me it's a very eh card because of it's durability. warcry makes it worth enough to send out, but I'm not going to be surprised if it doesn't come back because of simple spells like Temper. Now Crownwatch Paladin on the other hand I have better feelings for as it' will take at least 2 Tempers to get rid of. Having a max of only 4 Tempers to a deck and we've reduced their ability to ping off my guys by 50%. Awesome. Hojan, Crownbreaker on your turn if you have a power card, it's going to be useful enough to get some life back. On the opponent's turn look out for the ping of Temper cards as this will be their first target. Being able to play another Justice sigil makes this card a little more useful, you just have to make sure that you activate the renown before the opponent activates his Temper. Elder's Feather without it's ability to getting your units to fly this card is useless. +1 to attack in a warcry deck is very skimpy. The cost for what this does is decent, but i think there's a better choice. Avigraft, I am totally astounded that anyone thinks this is an awesome card. First of all it does kill an enemy unit without regard for it's cost, attack strength, health, influence, or current state (attack or defense). Which for red/green decks is a plus because the only thing else that does something like this has a cost of 8. However, in this deck you get 1 and Avigraft can only be used once on 1 unit. I could point out other kill cards that have restrictions that are much cheeper, but we'll stick to the basics. What really irritates me about this card is the other ability in which if the opponent destroys this card sending it to the discard pile they (the opponent) get rewarded with a 3/3 flying unit. Why the freakin heck do I want to give my opponent a 3/3 flying unit when I'm trying to win by turn 4? Although, you can't play this card until turn 4 so now say you used this to kill their last unit and you have only 3 life left, they use something like Ruin on the turn that you play Avigraft (because it's a fast spell silly) and now on their turn 4 they attack with the nice 3/3 flyer that you just gave them and win the game. Why is this a good card? It's beyond me. If this was a paper card I'd keep one in my collection and burn the rest. I'm not giving my opponent units to use against me.

Well, it's getting late and I'll have to come back and edit this comment to summarize this deck and give my suggestions for changes.