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Talir Combo

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Hero: Vodakhan

This is surprisingly consistent, despite being singleton. The main reason for this is the fact that you get to keep one half of the combo in your hero slot and always have access to it, which means you only need a single merchant to assemble the pieces. Out of 9 games, I went off 8 times. Warning: just like the constructed version, this deck can be difficult to pilot, and minor misplays frequently cost you an otherwise winnable game.

If you're unfamiliar with how this works, get Talir in your hand from your market at some point, buy time until you can get to 10 power, then cast Talir and activate the call hero ability to destiny in Vodakhan. This can also happen at 9 or less power with some cost reducing units. Once you start destinying, there's a solid chance you go right through your whole deck, and even if you come to a halt halfway, you can usually give it a push with a Seek Power or Cull the Deck or Devour, etc. Once you've drawn everything, you can cast Grinva and sac your massive Vodakhan for lethal. However, in this event, this combo has the added obstacle of everyone getting a free face aegis, which you have to deal with before you can kill them with Grinva. There are a couple untis in the deck that will clear the face aegis for you, which you might hit before your board fills up. Even if you miss these guys, if you go through your whole deck, you should end up with a Porcelain Mask in hand and at least 9 power, so you can cast that before casting Grinva.

You could also build this with Talir as your hero and Voda in the market, but I haven't playtested this yet. Pros would be two more merchants that can grab your combo piece (Justice merchant and Argentport smuggler), though these are non-Time units and would be misses when going through your deck during the combo (the deck can only afford about 8 or so cards that aren't power or Time units). Also, you wouldn't be required to have 10 Justice cards in the deck if Talir is your hero, which would open up some deck design. On the flip side, Talir as a hero generally requires 11 power to execute (8 for Talir + 3 for merchant instead of 2 for the call hero ability) and that 1 more power is a BIG deal when you're executing the combo while staring down lethal from your opponent. Also, being able to develop merchants ahead of time can help you stabilize on board (or even ramp to 10 power with the Auralian merchant), so having to hold them until the combo turn would be a significant cost.

Event Information

Hero's Welcome
March 22-25, 2019
Decks can contain only a single copy of non-power cards.


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Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
4 3 1 3

Power Sources
23 8 8 8 20

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Deck Rarities
23 15 22 1 12

Card Types
40 3 10 0 27

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Into Shadow [Set1004]


March 25, 2019

February 24, 2019


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v1.43 - Community Store

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