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Elysian Overwhelm

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Hey guys this is YPTeacher, a player most people know on stream communities as a Rakano main. However, since set 2 has come out I have not been too keen on the new cards and none seem to fit into a Rakano deck with the possible exception of Spirit Guide.

However enough about that, this deck is Elysian Overwhelm. And I am massively in love with it.

So the basic premise of this deck is to make as much use of the new card Shepherd's Horn. This card is insane value for its cost in my opinion as reducing the costs of your overwhelm by 1 per horn, and gaining 3 health every time you play an overwhelm means you can get quite some health totals, especially if you get multiple horns and stack it with Dawnwalker. The health gain is also really good for procs on the Cult Aspirant and there are a total of 23 units with overwhelm if the monuments are transmuted to Rhinarc. The deck also runs some reliable card drew with Temple Scribe and Friendly Wisp. Amber Acolyte is here as a power fixer.

A surprising inclusion in this deck might be Xenan Initiation, however it has some fantastic synergies with the Dawnwalkers, constantly refreshing every time they come back and at 5 attack stat due to the +1/+1 it can kill a lot of pretty big units, and speaking of big units, how about giving +1/+1 and killer to Cirso, the Great Glutton. meaning that it now takes 4 units to block it if it attacks due to his ability and a guaranteed 5 piercing damage on any unit without aegis as soon as he's brought out.

Any suggestions for this deck is entirely welcome :)


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July 26, 2017


Eternal Version
Omens of the Past

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camomilk Eternal Version: 1.22.4
Looks pretty sweet, I think I will try something based on this deck.
MehNinjaPlease Eternal Version: 1.22.4
This deck is awesome! Ive been trying to a similar deck with praxis and flamestoker, but its not there yet. Great job on this one mate!
YPTeacher Eternal Version: 1.22.4
thanks mate glad you like it, as for the praxis variant I had a look into it as well and quite honestly there isn't enough good overwhelm cards outside of obliterate, stonescar maul and steelbound drake that I would even consider and the issue with those cards is they are all top end cards. I mean even with Stoneshaker I don't think it'll work. Elysian just has a better base for the Overwhelm mechanic to work from.