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Hello everyone! I am looking for feedback on my first personal built deck for Eternal. I am a new player within the last month and have been playing a Haunting Scream deck because I was holding legendaries and shards until I had a decent feel for the game. My goal is to climb the ranked ladder.

I put this together to try to be anti-meta. I personally think Swindle(which I am not using in this archtype) and Celestial Omen are so amazing.
The idea was survive until mid-late game and tutor a really strong one-of-silver-bullet. I think the Justice/Primal fliers and chalice decks are really greedy and Azindel's Gift would blow them out completely. Last word for midrange. Snowcrush for generating your own tempo swing and Vera is just good. I am unsure of Channel the Tempest in my current build.

I have not built this yet until I get some feedback. I am hoping that the great Eternal community can help a fellow player out! Also, I am scared of wasting shards.
Thank you!


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September 11, 2017


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BWreck Eternal Version: 1.24
Thanks for the feedback!! I guess I could just drop justice for a normal feln control with my own personal touch. I just like Wrath effects :) with the removed Justice cards I can add in single target removal. However, what cards fall into the "starter" family?

Also, is a lot of legends a bad thing?
Lulu Eternal Version: 1.24
Impossible to stay alive until you have your cards.
You must have more beginning cards of each family(starter,unit killer, drawing...) if you want to be able to play efficiently your big ones.
I think you play a lot of legendary but that there is no association or story of a perfect game.
In this way it can't work enough!