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I've Feln and I Can't Get Up! (budget, anti-aggro)

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This deck was built specifically to hard counter an aggro-infested meta. As a bonus, it's very budget-friendly.

You have tons of removal geared to deal with rushes and your minions will consistently outvalue theirs. Weather the initial rush with removals and beefy critters until you can safely drop Dragons and Bats to push for the victory.

Note that Steward puts the boot to Shadow's graveyard shenanigans as well as any game plan that relies on recycling the void, i.e. Excavate and Smuggler's Stash. And don't forget Bloodcaster's ult which can net some excellent late game value, even against aggro. Finally, the 3 copies of Lightning Strike are meant to be used against relic weapons, though of course you should target threatening minions with them when necessary.

Note that this deck is simply not good against control. If you're matched against Big Combrei know when to concede and move on to the next game (usually turn by 4... *sigh*) With a good draw Armoury is winnable, though, and even Icaria Blue can be won if luck favours you; play these matchups a little longer.


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3 2

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16 17 8

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21 23 14

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23 3 24 0 25


April 23, 2017


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Shadowcran Eternal Version: 1.19.2
Heh, love the name. I've an article on the Eternal Reddit about how robotic the names sound and that we need to try and be original.