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Xenan - Life will teach you

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This is my first deck ive build.

It is just simple, just gain life and destroy your opponent

Cult Aspirant with Oasis Seeker will you get in a good position in early game, so try to get a hand with one or both of them.

Xenan Fanatic for me, its a really underrated card. i love it and build my deck around it. it can be a OTK with it and Umbren Reaper. Its just a really nice combo.

Bloodcall Invoker its good for board consistens and with Lethrai Falchion you can get a almost undestroyable board. The weapon is also good for Xenan Fanatic and Beckoning Lumen!

Ghostform its one of the important card here, because its give unblockable AND lifesteal, this is exactly what we want in this deck. You can put in on Umbrem Reaper, Invoker, Xenan Fanatic, Beckoning Lumen.

In my opinion we dont need that much removel, we have Deathstrike, Annhilate and Extract. That should be enough, with all the lifesteal and the Lethrai Falchion + Umbren Reaper and Lumen Defender.

There are so much combo to do with.

Feel free to try it out and maybe opinions for card changes ?
Let me know, because im a really bad deck builder. Its not perfect, but this deck is definitly fun to play.


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July 19, 2017


Eternal Version
Omens of the Past

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