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FTP Motherly Burden (Top 20)

Expedition Deck By
Team Not-Tavrod


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This is a less spell heavy version of FTP, more focused on board presence through tokens and killer chains with Grodovs Burden. I am currently at rank 17 with an 18:7 score, the hardest matchup was probably Rakano (3:2).
The deck consists of mostly cheap cards that have a lot of different small sinergies (Mother with all dual faction units, Kato and Crack the Earth; double Killer attacks with Seedling into Maveloft; Grodov Burden with 8 killer units and a lot of flyers etc.). There are some small antisinergies you have to be aware of (Wump and 1 health units like Kato), but they arent that bad.
Your first 2 turns are mostly power/influence fixing, but sometimes you can start to be proactive if you have the right powerbase in hand (dream starts are Mother on turn 2 into Wump on 3 and Crack the earth at the end of opponents turn or just Mother/Kato on 2 into Supllier at 3). Try to be aware of which units in the opponents deck are really problematic and which removal is best against them (Desert Alchemist only kills units that usually attack, try to only TTS units that are out of reach for your killer units etc.).
The deck can have some problems with closing games because most units are relatively small, but you usually have ways to win. Most of your winconditions are in the market and making the right choice about what to get at the right point often decides games. Albon and Crystallize fulfill a relativ similar role (solving board stalls), but Albon is more of a board clear while Crystalize is more of a finisher. Grodvs Burden is the best grab if the game goes long and can also act as a board clear if you have some single faction units and a killer unit. Its also the only relic removal right now. Savage Incursion is another good grab for long games and can also just provide a bit of damage to close a game or kill a unit (as long as you get at least 3 draws its fine as small removal spell). Linreis Stranger is the tempo pick if you just want to slam something proactive on turn 5 that also slows the opponent down.
Some cards that could fit into the deck and that you could try are Edge of Uprising (creates pressure and card selection, but it can be hard to play early if you dont get of with Mother), Nesting Raven (possible budget replacement for Kato), Kenna, Uncontained (you could replace Seedling with Kenna if you switch some of the time power to fire, but I like Seedling more because of Burden chains and because he is easier to play early) and Kaleb's Choice/Swirl the Sands (only if the meta is really relic heavy or if you see a lot of Channel the Tempest (choice)/Big flyers (Swirl)).
Good luck and have fun!

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Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
1 3 3

Power Sources
6 11 21 13

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Deck Rarities
12 21 36 5

Card Types
32 5 18 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Whispers of the Throne [Set1085]
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]


July 20, 2020


Eternal Version
Argent Depths

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megajenius Eternal Version: 20.07.29
Great deck! Thanks for sharing! Got me to Masters last minute. I'll likely take it into the tournament as well, will test with some TTS as others are suggesting.

Thinking about testing a broker or two as well for those games where 1 burden isn't quite enough to get there.

Absolutely killer deck though. Was barely a grind towards the end!
megajenius Eternal Version: 20.07.29
Went 17-11 in the tournament with a version very close to this. 3-3 split of TTS/Perma in the end.
leejtr Eternal Version: 20.07.29
I would like to climb with this again, please post updates if you have any
megajenius Eternal Version: 20.07.29
Been focused on Throne since I'm afraid. This deck is a lot of fun, definitely strong enough to push, but I will say a good chunk of my losses were to Rakano and that's crazy popular still. So I'm waiting for nerfs before pushing Expedition again.
leejtr Eternal Version: 20.07.29
Same, all in the same boat then and agreed, this list can still push. Waiting on that Rakano nerf, any time now.
megajenius Edited Eternal Version: 20.07.29
What's the "Raven" you're playing over Kato actually? Kato for me was all about triggering Mother. Never even got close to 12 in the yard =)
LordPerth Edited Eternal Version: 20.07.29
Nesting Raven is a possible replacement for Kato, especially if you dont have Kato and want to save shiftstone. It also triggers Mother because the Raven is dual faction.
ColumW Edited Eternal Version: 20.07.16
Having a blast with this, thanks for sharing! Though I find myself not wanting to play Wump & Mizo because they will snowball my Katos and Desert Alchemists. Even worse if I play two Wump & Mizos and they can kill almost any unit of mine once a turn. Am I overstating how much of a problem this is? It certainly didn't feel very good.
LordPerth Eternal Version: 20.07.27
Thanks. Killing Kato is usually not a huge problem and Desert Alchemist rarely stays on the board because you want to use him as fast removal spell most of the time. Wump and Mizo can sometimes be a risky play, but the party pairs are definetly worth the risk (and losing a smaller unit) and one of the main wincons against Rakano (2 party pairs and some killer units can clear their board pretty fast).
leejtr Eternal Version: 20.07.16
Just a little update: made it to masters with this but I added 2 turn to seed and took out 2 permafrost. Helps alot facing agenport and rakano.
LordPerth Eternal Version: 20.07.16
Good to hear. I am not a huge fan of Turn to Seed right now, but after playing against more argenport decks I agree that it is still better than Permafrost in many situations (allthough argenport is still a pretty bad matchup because of Backbreaker). I wish there was better (especially cheaper) removal for this deck but most other options are pretty bad right now (ramping and fixing for your opponent with Ice Bolt is really bad), so 4 Turn to Seed to combat Telut, Rolant and Ilijin might be necessary.
leejtr Eternal Version: 20.07.16
That's exactly it !, Telut and Rolant are the bane of this decks existence lol. Just turn them to seed and it's all good.
leejtr Eternal Version: 20.07.16
Great list. Easier to play than I expected. I didn't add Kato, put Raven in. Works just fine. Best of all it feels strong and it's fun to play
leejtr Eternal Version: 20.07.16
Doesn't need a ridiculous amount of Legendaries either. 10/10