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Armory (7-1, draft)

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P1P1 and P1P2 were Malediction and Shieldcrafter, although I don't recall which was which. From there, pack 1 was almost mono-Justice, with me focusing slightly on an armor theme with cards like Kosul Bladebarrier and Tauride Test Pilot, alongside cards with 4+ health.

In pack 2, I picked up Horngrinder for the memes, although I never actually drew it in any of my games. Had the option to pick up a second relatively late, but I already had a ton of 5 drops. Also picked up Mob Rule and Extract. Other than those, Shadow felt really shallow, so I picked up a couple of Seek Powers just in case. Ended up being necessary, since I didn't have enough playables to fill out the deck without a Time splash. Fortunately, all the cards Time cards I grabbed were pretty high-quality (and splashable), so that worked out.

Overall gameplan was fairly straightforward - play good defensive units to hide behind, then play relic weapons and armor-granting cards. If you can kill 2+ units with a single relic weapon, you'll be in an extremely strong position. Had a very solid removal suite to deal with other problematic units, which helped a lot.

MVP: Malediction, which routinely killed 2-4 enemy units, plus turned on Mob Rule and my smaller relic weapons to clean up anything left over. The one game I lost involved T1 Crooked Alleyguide into T4 Beastcaller's Amulet on the unblockable unit, which is firmly in the 'not beatable' bucket... and even then, Malediction + Extract were able to full clear the board of my opponent's 5 units and get me back into the game. Lost the topdeck war afterwards, but it was still closer than that game had any right to be.


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Control Midrange

June 7, 2019


Eternal Version
Dark Frontier

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