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ManuS' and camat0's Combrei Aggro v2 (Top 5 Masters / ETS 1st)

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Eternal Titans


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This is the new Combrei Aggro that camat0 came up with recently and I ended up tuning into this version. Grimfan won the last ETS with an almost identical version while Tobbo finished 4th and camat0 9th with similar lists. I am currently at Rank 5 thanks to this crushing on the way there. I you want to learn more about the card choices and see it in action check out my comprehensive deck tech series here:
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Influence Requirements
2 2

Power Sources
21 19 12 2

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Deck Rarities
16 17 14 4 12

Card Types
32 4 9 0 30


September 24, 2018

September 23, 2018


Eternal Version
Card and bug fixes, onboarding campaign changes

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lightshaper Eternal Version: 1.39
I have played against this deck somewhat frequently on the ladder, I would say it has weaknesses against Praxis Big guys.
Darckengel Eternal Version: 1.38
Thanks !
It drived me to masters :)
I just modified -1 Time sigil +1 stand together
25+4 Power seems to be enough
ManuS Edited Eternal Version: 1.38
you are welcome.
we made exactly that change the other way around.
well it is more 26 power and 4 spells that can fix ur power when u r screwed. and if i would cut a power for sth u might have to cut a standard so the power doesnt get to clunky and it would likely be for a vanquish not a stand since like u like to say 4+2 is really more than enough ;)
greedily cutting power to add arbitrary cards without consideration for what it causes is a rookie mistake. 8 depleted sources in 30 power is alrdy a lot. every ready power u cut makes it more clunky. every sigil u cut makes ur seats worse and every time sigil u cut makes ur initiates worse and ur teachers. and it really isnt that stand is that great of a card or u need more when u alrdy have 6 sources of that effect and the card is fairly clunky at 3 power given the overall curve and avg cost of cards int he deck. think about it.
Darckengel Edited Eternal Version: 1.38
Yes you're right.
But aegis from the sword only comes at 6 and many times I get my unit killed as a reaction before the aegis lands losing the benefits of both.
So I feeled the need of more and reactive aegis effects.
Cutting a standard should indeed be a better option.
I also thought about cutting some Genetrix. It's a wonderful boost but it's also very vulnerable. Maybe for one more vanquish..
Sentinel6 Eternal Version: 1.38
Any recommendations for replacing 3x Siraf? Only have 1 at the moment.
Umage Eternal Version: 1.38
Kosul Battlemage is fine
Sentinel6 Eternal Version: 1.38
Thanks, I'll give that a shot. Double justice turn 3 might be difficult, but I guess that's the budget tradeoff.
ManuS Eternal Version: 1.38
it is but at least it is hailstorm proof like siraf which is very important. it is clearly much worse on various levels but thats what u get for budget^^
SilentNSly Eternal Version: 1.38
I was trying a almost similar deck (which had Copperhall Elite instead of Sheriff Marley).

I will try switching as often its Overwhelm feels wasted when adding a Sword of Unity which also gives Overwhelm.
ManuS Eternal Version: 1.38
You likely were trying the version we had for ETS. This is just the latest version of that since we tried Elite at ETS.
jakecard Edited Eternal Version: 1.38
Great deck! Seems pretty devoid of weaknesses in my limited testing so far; what would you say are its bad matchups at the moment?
ManuS Eternal Version: 1.38
Hard to say. Deck seems very robust and well rounded. Big Combrei seems rough. temporal seems close but favorable. Random bad stonescar decks might give u a hard time but u know they are bad and not really played so.
Mancoloide Eternal Version: 1.38
I saw you streaming with this and decided to give it a try and just hit masters with it! Thanks for the list
Umage Eternal Version: 1.38
This deck feels awful imo. Clunky hands, feels underpowered most of the time. Not a fan
Alomba87 Eternal Version: 1.38
Same. And I feel like I always have depleted power. I'm at diamond 2 and only won 1 game out of 5 and switched for fear of deranking.
cloudscraper Eternal Version: 1.38
I love ManuS as a deckbuilder and streamer and content producer, but I also tweeted at him about these issues. I keep opening hands without a curve, like no 1-2 drop and just a single three drop on the draw, and they do not apply pressure or defend, either.
Multiple genetrixes has been a bad issue for me also, because if they kill the bodies, as most ladder decks do currently (60% removal heavy decks), they are overcosted bad mana dorks...

I feel like I am hitting the bad part of the variance, though, guys, because if you look at the decklist, the card quality is just insanely high.

Maybe as in MtG decks with "mana dorks", the dependance on Initiate is pretty remarkable. I feel like you almost cannot lose if Initiate stays alive for a couple turns.
bazty Eternal Version: 1.38
Very cool deck! Kudos to the builders and GG Grimfan for winning ETS!
ManuS Eternal Version: 1.38
Thanks :)