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Cheap Gauntlet Shredder [No Legendary]

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EDIT 2019:

This is an ANCIENT deck that was viable back when the game only had ONE themed pack. At the end of 2019 there has been a total of SIX expansions since I made this deck. Expect this deck to be a waste of shiftstone in 2020 and beyond. In fact, how did you even get to this page? FYI: I'm keeping this up only for legacy purposes.


This deck is for players who have not gotten to Master rank in The Gauntlet yet. The purposes of this deck are to be as cheap as possible, and absolutely shred through Gauntlet for getting up to Master as quickly as possible. This is an aggro deck that aims to build as much value out of low cost cards to overwhelm the commonly slow and greedy Gauntlet A.I.

NB! I wouldn't really rely on this deck to have a good win-rate for Master, but getting UP TO Master, you should expect this deck to smash through Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond etc. without a single worry.

Opening Hand

At least 2 Fire Sigil + preferably a Seat of Fury + Torch + Oni Ronin. It's also nice of course to have a Frontier Jito. However, even if you get a hand full of 3 drops as long as you have the Mana/Power to get to them quickly, then the curve isn't too punishing. A Stoneshaker in your opening hand can really speed things up too.

How to play this deck

It really should be obvious just by looking at the deck that there are a ton of easy synergies in this deck. Some examples are:

Frontier Jito + Assembly Line + Rally, for 1 drop Charge and extra damage.
Oni Ronin, Rakano Outlaw attacking constantly to build consistent tempo with increasingly powerful cards coming into play every turn (it doesn't matter generally if they die).
If you end up with some Blue Mana or Seats, instead work towards getting 2 Red/2 Blue for quick Champion of Fury.


These 8 cards can be used instead of the Stoneshaker cards if you either have the cards or want to use the Shiftstone to make them. I personally used the 4x On the Hunt because I had them. The choice is yours.

Important Tips!

If possible use your Shogun's Scepter on a Oni Ronin or Rakano Outlaw to give that card Warcry 2. This is of course unless you have a Censari Brigand in play.

Don't take any opening hands that only have ONE Sigil and no proper way to build more Mana or power. You CAN get Mana screwed very badly. It definitely will happen. It's better to take 4 Mana + some kinda useless cards and hope for an eventual good draw, instead of taking a perfect hand that has not enough power or Mana. At least if you start off with a lot of Mana you can hopefully instantly play a good Charge unit when you draw one.

Always drop Stoneshaker as early as possible. He's only a 1:1 but I've never not gotten loads of value out of playing at least one of them.

Try to avoid making huge trades with the enemy and losing all of your units. If you are playing the game by card draw because you lost all of your units, you'll probably lose because you have no healing or armour gain. So your 25 life is all you get. Most A.I. decks have some kind of heal or armour gain, so you'll just slowly lose.

If you are asking why the Snowcrust Yeti is in the deck. You can feel free to swap him if you want, however he's a cheap 2:1 that is very, very good at baiting the AI into targeting him with a spell to pop the Aegis. For some reason he draws a lot of spell aggro. I have even considered actually using 2 more of him.

You could also swap out the Diplomatic Seal as I don't really like them because I find that I get them just a little too late where all they do is give me power and I am still unable to build a proper 2 Red, 2 Blue influence for Champion of Fury.

Anyway have fun easily getting to Master's in Gauntlet! I went 19:0 with this deck.


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2 1

Power Sources
17 12 8 4

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23 25 14

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33 7 10 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]


December 14, 2019

October 28, 2017


Eternal Version
The Pale Riders

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