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Gauntlet Prodigy

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Yet another budget-constrained Green Is Good (Updated) deck. More combat tricks and Bold Prodigy.

This is what I'm using after tweaking the deck for 30+ gauntlet runs. It's feeling pretty good right now. I've gone 4-1 with this specific version so far, and it's performing better for me than than ItsTenz' Welcome to Argenport V.2 and (my sad incomplete version of) Stonescar Big Wheel. The crafting cost is also fairly low, so I wanted to share it.

Also accepting suggestions. Most of the substituted cards were suggestions in the comments section of Green Is Good. I expect to draw 2 more Bold Prodigy from draft eventually, as well as Unseen Commando. Fearless Crescendo and other market cards weren't working for me so I took them out. Maybe if I had a better market? And Great Save both feels necessary and like my least useful card. Probably another consequence of my weaker market / lack of market cards.

Update 11/16/23: So of course after I post the deck it stops performing. Since then I've gone 4-9 and I've lost to everything. 2x severe manascrew, 2x Strangers building a huge board before I can get Harsh Rule, 2x rushed down before I can stabilize, and 3x slowly getting outvalued I think? ...So I added market cards back in and made a few other adjustments. But now I'm worried I won't get back to >50% clear rate without big changes or legendaries.

Update 11/21: I'm 18-11 since the last update. Seems good to me. I'm tired of crafting cards for gauntlet decks, but if someone else is getting >60% win rate with an as-cheap or cheaper deck I'd still love to hear about it. What would have been the optimal gauntlet grinder for me to craft as a new player?


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November 21, 2023

November 15, 2023


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