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TP&J Control: Evolution

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This is the current version of my deck that evolved throughout closed beta up until now. Basically the story is that I like control decks, but Crystalline Chalice Control is too weak without its name sake card, and Big Combrei plays too many BDGs (big dumb guys). My original deck during closed beta, was basically all the combrei cards I could put into a deck as I accquired them through drafting, and was originally called "Hammer Time" in a nod to this deck from M:TG created by Paul and LSV back in their early days (and often talked about on Paul's stream), but also because I was playing Auric Runehammer and Time cards. You can't touch the value of a 2(3) for one. Early on I also fell in love with Crownwatch Paladin which at the time was a 2/2 and Inspire which at the time was only 1 power.

Early on I was really drawn to Combrei Healer as it just was unbeatable for these early Rakano players (aka 99% of the player base), especially considering no one had any rares. Things change as they say and my deck warped from just 2 factions and a plan of 'one upping' the aggro players and evolved into a full control deck.

The deck as it currently sits is not designed to win extreme late game...because that honestly doesn't come up that often. I'll be clear, this deck does not win vs. chalice. It doesn't finish games quickly so they will end up finding their cup, and you can't beat that. Also I will never put Rain of Frogs in my deck for ladder. It is too awful verse so much of what you see commonly.

I want to say that this deck is very flexible and has answers to most of the common things you will see. Customize as you will (I know I do). Sometimes I'll increase Lightning Storm up to 4. Sometimes I'll run Copperhall Bailiff over Sandstorm Titan sometimes 4 Titans is better. You'll notice that there are no Valkyrie Enforcer in the deck. This hasn't always been the case, but I think right now the 3/3 body just isn't valuable enough to warrant inclusion.

The most recent change to the deck was the removal of my old favorite Inspire and replacement with Temple Scribe. I know many people would have been running the scribe over inspire even before the change, but it is not without a cost. Firstly it hurts you influence wise. Now granted this deck has excellent fixing and doesn't normally have influence problems, however pushing the TT requirement to turn 2 rather than 4 is definitely a downside. The other drawback is that...your only turn 1 plays are now Seek Power and missing out on that one turn of playing something, even if it is as low impact as Inspire was, hurts.

Feel free to try it out, let me know what you guys think.


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September 8, 2017

September 7, 2017


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