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Bartholo, The Paladin of Oathbook

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For those who came as I of Magic, the Gathering will recognize or at least notice the similarities with this deck and the Modern Bogles, when I saw Paladin Oathbook for the first time already wanted to build a deck based on this card, but after many frustrated attempts I left The side list, now with the arrival of Bartholo, the Seducer and Minotaur Oathkeeper I decided to test the idea again.

The main idea of ​​the deck is to try to only one hit with Bartholo + Hammer +Righteous Fury, but until that happens we can hold the game with cards like ghostform, piercing grief and Harsh Rules.

Inspire and Extract are the draws that the deck needs to find the pieces of the combo, the deck has a generous pack of removals, and finally, if everything goes wrong we have The Last word that can be bought by Bartholo's own ability.

Anyway, I hope you can test the deck and post your thoughts on what might be a new archetype pro game, many will say: "Please! Do not bring the Eternal Bogles!"


Enjoy the games!

Edit 01:
After doing some games I came to the conclusion that red is not essential on the deck, the idea of just giving One Hit Kill did not work exactly as I thought, so I changed the deck structure and also the name.

I practically removed the red, leaving only 2x Rise to the Challenge to get the Bartholo or one of the Hammers, sometimes even a Grief to gain those points of life.

I put in the list 3x Dark Return to bring back that Bartholo that in addition to coming stronger still will force the opponent to spend two more spells to remove it again.

I put the Scheme on the list to improve the draws, sometimes buy a thousand powerstones and none of the units is frustrating, so with them on the deck we can lessen these situations.


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2 13 14 8 4

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23 23 12 4

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18 8 24 0 25


July 20, 2017

July 19, 2017


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Omens of the Past

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