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Gauntlet/PvP Shadow deck

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This deck is based on removals, debuffs and dealing good damage with flyers while ground units with or without lifesteal are holding theirs positions. There's 2 ways to get lifesteal (Lethrai Falchion, Spiritweaver). It's very good in Gauntlet and not bad in PvP.

Suffocate - Not much to comment about, for instance you can debuff 4/4 enemy unit with Blightmoth to 3/3 then kill it with this spell.
Blightmoth - Good debuffer, may be used as a good damage dealer/healer while equipped with Lethrai Falchion. Best way to get rid of hoard of 1hp units =)
Spiritweaver - Can turn card to a sigil or/and give 5+/* units lifesteal. Works great for Icaria, Impending Doom and Ashara. To win with this deck you need to get 4 mana ASAP, so easily turn to a sigil this cards: Lethrai Falchion, Ashara, the Deadshot.
Vara's Favor - A way to get you a sigil and kill somebody who is a 1 hp thicker than your unit can hit. For instance: you have 4/4 Wasteland Broker , enemy has some 5/5 guy. Hit him with your brave Broker and finish the enemy with Vara's Favor. Works best with AI and less beter with player =)
Devouring Shadow - Good removal or debuff or debuff that leads to a removal with some tricks of spells or units.
Dizo, Cabal Racketeer - Can be used as a good attacker/healer, when equipped with Falchion. His summon ability is awesome to steal someone valuable =)
Deathstrike - "The Ultimate Removal" I recomend to use it only if you have no other ways to kill an enemy unit, because it's only 4 Deathsrikes in a deck.
Eremot, Mindsplitter - Good flying damage dealer, less good healer. Don't use Falchion on him if you are want to deal damage to a AI/player (unless it's a killing blow) - it will go to a void at the end of turn, when Eremot will turn to an attachment.
Impending Doom - Good flying attacker and healer if a Spiritweaver is in play or equipped with a Lethrai Falchion.
Lethrai Falchion - Good weapon to use on Impending Doom, Ashara, Dizo.
Vara, Vengeance-Seeker - I love this card! Pops aegis and prevents further ones so you can easily debuff or remove enemy units! Even if enemy decided to sacrifice some crappy unit to not give Vara +2/+2 and deadly - she is still good!
Wasteland Broker - Your personal access to the Market.
Ashara, the Deadshot - Killing machine of this deck! When Spiritweaver is in play or if equipped with Lethrai Falchion you'll get tons of HP. Weak points are - low health and units that are ivulnerable to damage. Play other units first so it can live longer or even lead you to victory.
Icaria, First Reaper - As good as it looks =) All in one - removal, healthy flying attacker with deadly and can do nasty thing when killed.
Amethyst Monument/Puma - Good tank/damage dealer/healer and bait for enemy removals/debuffs.
Cabal Standart - Good stuff for various tricks such as killing big units with smaller ones or landing a killing blow to an enemy with units that wasn't blocked.
Emblem of Makkar - Good way to stop an enemy assault or at least pause it for a while =)

The main goal is to get 4 mana ASAP - you can play all cards with that, except Icaria, Ashara, Puma, Cabal Tactics. So you need on board Spiritweaver, Vara, Impending Doom. With this you can win the game. But of course you have to play other cards as well =)

I did some improvements to my deck. Removed some crappy units, added good ones and Market. I'm still testing the deck, especially market cards. Annihilate works great. But others dont't come up 'til the end of the game or they come but there's no chance to use it. So if you have thoughts about cards in my market - fell free to comment =)

Did some changes with my Market. Incarnus is quite awesome - I like Invoke very much, it's like a mini-Market! Maybe I will add another legendaries in time, like Eremot, Death Incarnate, because with the Broker I don't have to craft 4 copies, only one is ok =)

Changed Market cards a bit. More power - more fun =)

Changed Market cards one more time. Now I'm satisfied with this deck =)


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2 25 22 3 11

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34 4 13 0 29

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Whispers of the Throne [Set1085]
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]

Control Midrange

August 8, 2020

July 18, 2020


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Revisions (Since last major patch) August 8, 2020


Sunsfury Eternal Version: 20.07.16
Going to suggest running 4x prisim golem instead of the Amethyst Acolytes and Ravenous thornbeast - is a 3 mana 5/5 without needing to sacrifice a unit and is therefore more versatile.

Also, you need to add a market here. Kerendon merchants work well, and you can add situationally very important cards (such as burglarise, edict of makkar, etc) to improve your deck.
Aritoka Eternal Version: 20.07.16
Ok, thanks for suggestions.