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Draft 006 4-3

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1st picked Extract over Direwood Prowler. No additional Shadow cards appeared. Mediocre Time cards flowed for a while. Got some late, decent Primal and Justice Cards. Mid pick Torch on the 2nd pack finally gave me some direction. Been pretty lucky opening on color Legendaries.

Game 1: Balanced opener. Grew a Sparring Partner with another Sparring Partner. Got decent damage in. Screwed up a double block and 2 for 1ed myself. When everything finally traded, played a 7/5 Field Captain. Harsh Rule cleared it. Misplayed again playing Mithril Mace with nothing to kill immediately. Played Kaleb who swung once before dying to Vanquish. Died shortly after.
Game 2: Balanced opener. We both started with an Oni Ronin. Should have traded then but I was hoping that I’d have follower up blockers and he wouldn’t. Happened in reverse. Field Captain was a 3/6 this time and traded for a 4/4 and a Torch. Fourth-Tree Elder placed me ahead but he countered with a 6/6 Soul Collector. Should have traded there, but was afraid of a trick and was hoping to win the race. Spur On ended that quickly.
Game 3: Great opener. Stranger into Brightmace Paladin into Morningstar. Pummel wrecked his double block earning the concession quickly.
Game 4: Mulliganed into a 2 power hand without Fire sigils. Traded Strangers. Played Brightmace Paladin. Drew the Fire Sigil 2 turns late, but can’t complain when my opponent missed his 3rd power for 2 turns. Played Morningstar. Opponent accidentally only blocked two 2/2s and conceded though I did have Torch backup anyways.
Game 5: Good opener. Played 2 strangers. Opponent played Determined Stranger. He took several hits from my strangers before deciding to trade. He 2 for 1 himself to trade with my Sparkbot. My Field Captain eventually grew out of control.
Game 6: Started with 2 power but had 3 strangers, Brightmace Paladin, and Sparkbot. Got lucky and drew 3 power. My opponent wasn’t as fortunate and was stuck on 3 power. He had to keep trading 2/2 fliers for my strangers. The Sparring Partners were perfect for when he finally gathered enough attack to threaten the paladin. Rampage earned the concession.
Game 7: Started with the same hand as game 4 except I didn’t draw the Fire sigil for several more turns. Immediately had to Purify his Shadowland Picker, then Torch his Mithril Mace. Which left me without any outs to his Valkyrie Denouncer and Horsesnatcher Bat.

Not too surprised with the result. The deck lacked removal and reach so it only won on fast starts though my misplays confounded things too.


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3 1 2

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8 1 9

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21 6 1

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20 2 5 0 18


October 6, 2017

September 28, 2017


Eternal Version
The Tale of Horus Traver

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