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Sodi's Spellcraft Spectacular!

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This deck is an incredible amount of fun. It does an amazing job in gauntlet and I've had a reasonable amount of success with it in ranked so far as well. I ran a Spellcraft deck a while back with Tome of Repetition and Horde Plunderer and really enjoyed its interactions. The new Muster mechanic just makes these kinds of things shine even brighter.

These guys are meant to be quick to get out so that we can get attachments on them as soon as possible.

Borderlands Lookout - Has the potential to be very fast and hard hitting for a one drop making it perfect for this kind of deck.
Snowstorm Druid - Is surprisingly good in this setup. Not only is it something evasive to attach Sodi's Spellshaper to early for fast card draws but its stun capabilities can really come in clutch towards the end game.
Teacher of Humility - This is the one card I'm a little unsure about. It's a big two drop but it's influence requirements can be a bit steep for some games. It's ability to draw a card on its first hit can be great for getting our combo pieces together quickly though.
Wanderlust Qirin - Is cheap... evasive... and grows with Muster..... which is something that we will be activating a lot of.
Horde Plunderer - Is disgusting with all of the Spellcrafting we have flying around. And Tome of Repetition makes this guy even crazier when they're both out at the same time.
Sodi the Metamorph - Is pretty well proven by now. Card draw is great. Refreshing power with each Muster is lovely as well.

These are what get the heavy lifting done

Sodi's Spellshaper - Card draw is terrific and bouncing opponent's stuff is always useful too.
Tome of Repetition - Gets our power flow moving and allows us to do dirty things with Spellcraft later.
Surgeon's Saw - Lifesteal is wonderful on flyers and getting back our Sodi the Metamorph's and Horde Plunderer's from the void has its upside as well.
Cirso's Cleaver - This thing is back breaking. Especially with any of our combo pieces in place. So much removal packed in to one card!
Gleaming Shield - Duplicate your Sodi the Metamorph's and give them aegis to boot. Or other things if you'd like.

I keep going back and forth between temporary removal with Equivocate and hard removal with Ice Bolt. This deck really wants to overwhelm the opponent before they develop too deeply and I think that Equivocate is the better choice for this overall as it sets them back just enough and doesn't allow them to progress their power situation. Also a bit unsure about Jotun Feastcaller because of it's expense but the card draw and aegis are extremely useful in the late game if you need it.

I'd love to hear any changes or ideas that you may have if you end up playing it. Especially if you end up slotting in something better for the positions that I've stated uncertainties about. Enjoy!


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Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Into Shadow [Set1004]


October 20, 2019


Eternal Version
The Flame of Xulta

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gulfoss Edited Eternal Version: 1.47.5
Thanks for the list, I had a lot of fun trying it out in gauntlet. I've tried some tweaks here and there, here are some (questionable) changes I made.



- I removed the plunderer as you always have something better to get. Plunderer is not that crucial in gauntlet, you are less in a rush so you can simply pay the full price for your weapons.
- I removed a cleaver, having two 7 mana weapons in your market makes it hard to choose.
- I added a sodi's spellshaper from the main into the market, to get access to a cheap muster enabler. And also because it's kinda the best card in the deck, so having access to more than 4 is great.
- I removed equivocate and switched it with a permafrost from the main. Cheaper is best.
- I added a display of knowledge: serves as a removal when needed, the quickdraw trick is incredibly effective against AI, and it serves as a relic tutor if needed (I've added one relic in the main).
- Finally, I've been trying out Blitrok instead of the jotun, and she's incredible with all copying you have going on (and the ones you can get). Plus, she's new so she's fun.

Main deck:

- I removed 2 borderlands lookout (not gread draws in the late game) and 1 teacher to add 2 sandstorm titans (even with all the flying you have going on, it's still great in a lot of matchups) and 1 gleaming shield.
- I removed 1 surgeon's saw to add a waystone fragment, being able to gain lots of life is quite good.

That's it. I'm sure there is still some refining that can be done, but so far I'm having a blast!
xceler8 Edited Eternal Version: 1.47.5
Neat changes! I actually especially like your addition of Blitrok. I don't have any of her in my collection yet but that just seems like an incredibly fun move. Waystone Fragment was something I had mulled over for some time and felt unsure about but never tested yet. And I really wanted to try Sandstorm Titan but I was worried that he might be too slow and work against my flyers ... I may have to man up and just try him out haha Glad you're enjoying though! You may have to let me know how those Titans play out for you!
gulfoss Eternal Version: 1.47.5
In gauntlet, when you play a titan the game generally reaches a board stall. With all the late-game value this deck has, you're perfectly comfortable with said board stall, enabling you to slowly grow your creatures and copy stuff while the opponent is drawing powers. So I think the titans are definitely worth it.
Dante1976 Eternal Version: 1.47.5
I would replace teacher, she is not good for a mid range combo deck, your deck is also tri faction and she will be mostly unplayable on your early turn becoz of her 2 time influence, she is basically a dead card in your mid and more so in your late game,
xceler8 Edited Eternal Version: 1.47.5
Yeah, she's questionable for sure. Its not completely uncommon to play her on turn two but she usually isn't online until turn 3 or 4. Anything that you like better for this spot? I'm looking to keep the early units inbetween the Elysian colors since shadow is splashed so lightly.

I took a quick look and a couple of options that I've been considering... Resolute Monk is really flimsy to damage based removal but the empower effect can make him big and his overwhelm could be good with Sodi's Spellshaper or even doing extra damage with Cirso's Cleaver.... and Stormtamer Operative could be interesting as well as a decent body and the capability to reduce damage based spells which could be handy since those are pretty good against our early units.
Dante1976 Eternal Version: 1.47.5
I would just probably slot in some reactive spell to counteract with aggro decks for early game or control decks in the late game depending on the meta in rank, you don't really need aggro units in this deck, plunderer is still your ace cards as she gets your spellcraft for free and interacting much effectively with your Muster units, I'm running my deck with a full set of plunderer.
xceler8 Eternal Version: 1.47.5
Sure! Aggro can be tough at times with this deck. After reading your comment last night, I went to work and tested out Borderlands Waykeeper in Teacher's place and didn't hate it. It's not a super strong card but aegis and flying are both handy. I'll probably keep playing around with things. Thank you for your comments!