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Assassin's Criva

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Basic Idea and Gameplan:

This is not a serious deck, but it's fun and I wanted to share something very silly. This is a Jennev Archmagister's Portal deck with a pile of fun-ofs and the desire to abuse Criva, the Crimson Scythe. Unlike with a Shadow version, Jennev does not have access to the repeatable recursion to keep buffing cards, but it does have a similar interaction with Criva. She gets buffed every time she is summoned, and since she resets herself, that bonus will add up quickly. Giving her Savagery allows her to also assassinate an opponent's creature once per turn as well as throw the rest of the damage at the opponent and making a new blocker every time.

What makes being able to plan around a single card in the deck feasible is Know When to Hold 'em. It really makes the Criva/Savagery engine go, being able to fetch one piece early in the game to play later after you have set up with a portal or two and some other creatures. It is really slow, however, and feels terrible to get after the first couple of turns. Since you have to wait to use the card, you have to be wary of discard and the simple fact you have to wait, very big downsides.

Because you want to replay Criva every turn during the mid/late game, this deck is a bit power hungry, hence the extra fetching (and protection) of Eilyn's Favor as well as Seek Power and Calibrate (though the latter's main use is finding Portals). Other than that, the game plan is stalling with early creatures, sometimes pumping them with Portal or just playing them to slow the opponent, making those 1-ofs better with The Praxis Arcanum, and swinging in with big creatures and/or Criva.

Main Creatures:

A lot of the creatures can be replaced with others as you feel like it or to adjust to the meta, but there are a few that should remain in due to how good they are. Keep in mind their stats often have +2/+2, sometimes better, but finding good replacements won't hurt either:

Badlands Survivalist: An early Survivalist ensures that every creature afterwards is a much more potent threat and provides a bit more offensive power without having a Portal on board, though of course Portal is superior.
Apprentice Mage: One of the few +1 Maximum Power creatures playable in this Expedition, it helps reach the important turn 3 and 4 plays this deck has. Also, it's cheap. Can be replaced but it does help things go smoothly when you do draw it.
Cheerful Shepherd: Having two bodies with unique names means you got two decent sized blockers or beaters, and they make great targets for The Praxis Arcanum while you are stabilizing the board.
Desert Alchemist: It's Desert Alchemist.
Maveloft Huntress: Early game removal, smooths draws with Plunder. Excellent card in many decks.
Dawnwalker: One of the few recurring creatures in Time without needing Shadow. Its Overwhelm makes it a good finisher , and it is a good Savagery target because of its recursion.
Pesky Seedling: An amazing cheap Killer card that also slows the opponent, sometimes. Mainly here for its Killer. The shade it makes also benefits from Portal.
Criva, the Crimson Scythe: The one, the only.
Sandstorm Titan: Been doing good work since the game was created. Just antiflyer tech.
Claw of the First Dragon: This counts as four creatures in the late game, and each of those gets a boost as well (assuming no copies), often being able to end the game off of them.

The other choices (for fun):

Feel free to try out different cards to flesh out the deck, however, try to keep it below 6 Power because it's already mana hungry. My other choices:

Entrancer: Early game blocker, often a 3/3 flyer, extra Silence tech.
Tota Pioneer: The extra Overwhelm is here to help another push through damage.
Ice Sprite: Similar function to the Cheerful Shepherd, but instead of providing another body, it locks down an opponent's creature, blocks flyers that you can't kill at the moment, and can swing in for some decent beats with Portal.
Steam Sprite: Another wincon that benefits from the Criva Sheep spam.
Mightweaver: Makes each creature even more potent; Portals make it easy to hit 5 damage.
Rectifier: For the few occasions you want to silence something before using Killer, like Icaria, First Reaper to get rid of her Deadly. Same benefits from Portal as Seedling.
Siege Train: Choo choo! All aboard the Hate Engine! Giving it Killer ensures you get at least one card off of it without waiting a turn, and it helps provide some tech against other archetypes, like a bunch of Drifters against spot removal (though no portal bonuses for a bunch of them). Also, it's a relatively cheap and large beater.
Tattoo Dragon: A decently sized flyer. The first oni it makes will also get the Portal boost. It demands removal or something bigger to eat it otherwise the oni will take over the board.

The Sideboard is just filled with cards that look interesting to try in different builds of this, some beefier end game threats too.

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2 2 3

Power Sources
15 14 18 20

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17 22 21 4 5

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17 5 23 3 27

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Whispers of the Throne [Set1085]
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]

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July 26, 2020

July 25, 2020


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