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OutdatedScar Netdeck

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ECL Sunday Challenge Top 4
February 17, 2019


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2 1

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16 13 8 4

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27 27 13 4

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31 1 23 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Into Shadow [Set1004]


February 17, 2019


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hallejokel Eternal Version:
What is a good substitute for the Shakedowns here?
Kangbreath Eternal Version:
While Sabotage is the closest substitute and you could try it, I think your best choice would instead probably be 2 more Rapid Shot and 2 Annihilate. While nice, the hand disruption from Shakedown isn't integral to the deck and just running other good aggro interaction like these should do you fine.
DrenAK Edited Eternal Version:
Thanks for the deck! Do you think scavenge would fit in it or would this be overkill?
Kangbreath Edited Eternal Version:
I don't think it's good enough and you have enough 3 drops already but feel free to try it. I'd rather run the 4th Shadowlands Guide first and this deck is more of an aggro deck with a tokens theme than a tokens deck with an aggro theme if that makes sense. Maybe there's a similar deck that utilizes it as well as Light 'em Up but not in this deck and if you were to go that route, then Praxis tokens is probably better anyway.
Kangbreath Eternal Version:
This deck was made by Titanik14: It has been performing well for me on ladder. If you see a lot of aggro, swap the market rally for a highwayman.