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Xenan Control

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Card advantage machine! Carried me to Master last season and just made it to master this season! Rank #1!!! Very consistent.

Good against aggro. Good against Armory. Better than 50:50 against all the Praxis decks around. Tough game against Feln Control, but fairs well against control decks that you can out-card.

People are still walking into Ayan.

Azindel's Gift could be changed. Also the Devours and Dark Returns could be changed, but two Dark Returns have added to the consistency and I rarely have a dead Devour which are especially great with Talir's Favored after a block.

Having 4-ofs is the reason this deck kills the ladder. Just had a 12 win in a row streak in Ranked.

Unfortunately, Argenport aggressive decks just crush you. Perhaps if the meta shifts this deck will have power or is there room to put Banish in the deck? The Praxis matchup is better than I even thought. If they don't roll you fast enough then you just draw more cards and have bigger units. Praxis needs a really good draw to beat you and my favorite thing to see is a turn one Initiate.

Also, the matchup against armory is amazing. Ayan and Extract are awesome. Azindel's Gift is here for this match, but if you find this match good anyway then perhaps a change to shore up early turns against other decks.

I have tried adding justice changing Extract for Slay and various other changes, but this really wrecks the consistency. Not sure how people manage to play 3 color decks and expect to climb the ladder :P


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August 2, 2017

August 1, 2017


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Omens of the Past

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