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4F Pack Aggro [Updated]

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=== Update ===

So I have been playing around with this deck and immediately thought of some changes as well as had a few suggestions that made me want to update the deck.

First of Druid of the Sands and Wildfire Keeper do share the druid typing which makes the Unlikely Pack plan harder. I was also a bit underwhelmed by Druid of the Sands so I decided to cut it in favor of Grove Defenses as the recruit card for the deck. I really like how it plays so far as it builds your board presence and lets you get some hits in through some annoying blockers like Riftfeeder Wasp.

I decided to cut Finneas's Choice from the main deck in favor of Crafty Infiltration with the thought that its better to go as wide as possible and then have one big pump with Unlikely Pack.

Market wise the suggestion of One Eye's Choice is a great addition and as it was pointed out by OutsideDog, with 12 sources of shadow you shouldn't have too much trouble with the influence.

And finally if you don't have Crafty Infiltration I filled the sideboard with great replacement cards:

Raging Jackal: Cheap enabler for Unlikely Pack suggested by OutsideDog.
Telia, Perfect Timing: Unit with double typing that can get you some extra value with its ultimate.
Deeptrail Vanguard: Great in the late game, even better now that I've added a few more spells, suggested by OutsideDog.
Druid of the Sands: recruit + a body

I believe that overall the deck plays better like this but any card in the sideboard could easily be part of the main deck so feel free to modify his list as you see fit.

=== Description ===

Just a deck centered around Unlikely Pack.

Disclaimer: This is a "for fun" list and not very competitive (or at least I haven't tested it in the ladder yet)

If anybody has any better suggestions for the market they would be much appreciated.
Lash Out and Urge to Feed are really just there as placeholders (Lash Out doesn't make the cut imo since it doesn't remove Riftfeeder Wasp which is usually a 5/5 after its played)

Only reason I even included a market in the first place was to have a response, Beastly Disruption, to Light the Beacon and Heavy Hail instead of outright just loosing the game. For some reason though, I haven't run into people playing those cards since I added the deliveries so I cant really vouch for the effectiveness of the market at stopping board wipes.

I don't really know about the power level of Finneas's Choice , I really only use it's pump mode (+1/+1 to all of your units), maybe it could be replace by four copies of Grove Supplier?

I feel like I need to defend Midnight Reprieve as a card choice but I don't really have any great reason to include it. I know that depleted power and aggro (or at least faster lists) don't mix but the card draw is nice and it some times helps you fix your influence (although marks are so OP at fixing that you don't usually need the help)

And finally the only reason I'm not playing Calm Instructor is due to its double fire influence requirement which would make it hard to play on curve (or sometimes at all).

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The Devouring [Set1145]


November 6, 2023

November 5, 2023


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McRich37 Edited Eternal Version: 23.11.09
Turnabout getting buffed seems like it would be a great inclusion over Lash Out.
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OutsideDog Edited Eternal Version: 23.10.26
I've been playing with this today and have gone 14-2 in the mid yeah, I think this is competitive, at least at this level.

To answer your market questions, I added in:

One Eye's Choice - great multipurpose card for attachment hate, unit removal, and recursion. You have 12 potential sources of shadow, so I don't think the influence will be an issue.
Raging Jackal primarily to fuel the Unlikely Pack win condition. I didn't realize until I was playing that a card like Borderlands Lookout would qualify as 2 of the 5, so RJ is a low cost unit that has 2 types that aren't shared with the rest of your units.

Speaking of which, I dropped Wildfire Keeper primarily because it's a Druid which you already have with Druid of the Sands and added in Deeptrail Vanguard to recursion Unlikely Pack in the event it gets hunted away, or your other utility spells.
juasamin123 Eternal Version: 23.10.26
Thank you for the feedback and testing the deck out.
I've been thinking about a few changes and I think I'll be updating the list tomorrow.

One Eye's Choice seems like great market option. It hadn't even occurred to me that I could splash shadow and now it seems like an obvious addition.

About Raging Jackal, it was actually part of my first iteration of the deck but I was not too happy with its power level even if it did help out with creature typing.
But I agree that in the game plan its a big help, I am also looking into fitting Telia, Perfect Timing in somewhere since it has two types (although shared by Borderlands Lookout and Ranger Prodigy) and is a nice early/late unit with the ultimate.