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Monored Mightweaver Blaster Draft 7-1

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Went 7-1, embarrassingly close to 7-0, lost one to the guy that surges and shrinks your team, along with an awkward draw vs enough opp defense to slow me down, and things went worse from there, sadly. Aside from that during the other matches it sure felt like it was 7-0 material.

The deck was great, and a blast to play, the double Mightweaver made it feel like the rare beast known as aggro-combo, and in draft no less, truly delightful!

I had one game where I surged and Relentless Pursuit into 6 5+ power, double damage attackers. The deck effortlessly closed games out of nowhere including vs ppl who lifegained themselves into the neighborhood of 40 life!

It played very fun, and very effective. Surprise Trailtorch Cinderpaw for 24 won a game also.

Mightweaver is very real, and one dangerous card with a little support. All the surge guys were fantastic too, and planning and maximizing correct big berserk turns was important.

Rally and berserks got me there in one match, with the rally turn just getting them extremely low on life, to be finished off the following turn.

The deck required a fair amount of thought and planning for such an aggressive deck, which made for some surprisingly engaging and intricate gameplay.

There are some interesting things that ended up being important. The deck wanted more power than you might think at first, since you often wanted to hit 5 on time for the Grizzled Quickshot and then still have power to surge pump your team, for multiple turns running even, in order to run them out of chumps with quickdraw attackers.

Another thing to note was that there were matchups where it was crucial to wait to play Mightweaver until it was time for one huge surprise damage turn, and that made for some pretty interesting games as well.

The Mightweaver was obviously irreplaceably important, but once I had those a lot of the other supporting cards that helped them to really pop seemed to be going super late and felt completely unwanted, but it could also have just been neighbors who weren't red at all, it's always hard to tell, but either way I was happily getting cards that were really right at home for me as late pickups during the last 2 packs. I guess that's always a sign that you are drafting the right deck for your spot.

I also want to mention that until deckbuilding, I had made a fair amount of black picks, and intended to be r/b, but once I started building I realized my black cards that were actually good only amounted to 3-4 cards, and mono red was going to be better every way I looked at it.

I quickly decided I was much happier as monored, and it wasn't particularly close. Having no color issues is always nice.

I enjoyed the deck and draft so much I wanted to post it here, and remember/save it, so here we go!

2 Chemical Rounds (Set9 #3)
2 Flameheart Patroller (Set9 #9)
1 Kaleb's Favor (Set0 #3)
1 Rampage (Set1 #17)
1 Relentless Pursuit (Set9 #11)
3 Shavka Evangel (Set7 #6)
1 Volatile Grenadin (Set9 #12)
2 Yeti Cookmaster (Set8 #12)
1 Assault Shield (Set8 #13)
2 Mightweaver (Set9 #16)
2 Pillage (Set9 #19)
1 Rally (Set1 #33)
1 Rebel Sharpshooter (Set1 #30)
1 Thunderhoof Warrior (Set2 #25)
2 Trailtorch Cinderpaw (Set9 #27)
1 Flamekeeper (Set7 #25)
4 Grizzled Quickshot (Set9 #29)
16 Fire Sigil (Set1 #1)
1 Granite Waystone (Set3 #1)


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Aggro Combo

August 1, 2020


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Furious_George Edited Eternal Version: 20.07.29
I edited this, put my write-up in info where it looks more appropriate and took it out of the comments spot down here. If anyone has anything to comment on I'm happy to discuss anything draft related! Eternal is a fun game, and draft is the best format of course.
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