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Incremental post-FoX improvement of an old Grenadin list.

Edict of Shavka replaced Into the Furnace, making the deck stronger against Justice and Primal match-ups (specifically the Aegis units and the sites), but weaker against Time and Shadow match-ups (e.g. Kairos decks are pretty annoying to face).
Emblem of Shavka is mostly anti-flood protection and doesn't really influence the deck's behavior, in my experience.

You can easily reach top 500 Masters with this deck in the current meta with a bit of grinding, and reach top 200 Masters if you can learn to read your opponents well enough.

27/11/19: After the nerf, Edict of Shavka is no longer a maindeckable card. It might still be a reasonable market option, but that remains to be seen.

05/12/19: The Torch is dead, long live Breath of Voprex.

26/01/20: The meta is currently quite unfriendly to the list, but I will probably be updating it anyway after the new set drops.

18/02/20: So, a lot has changed about the list.
Merchants were replaced with Blazing Salvo, and the market was updated to reflect the change. Torch returns in the form of Sear, and Rally was replaced by Fire Conjuring, which is a straight-up upgrade.
The deck doesn't really perform well in the current meta, since there are far better aggro options than mono-Fire or Grenadin tribal.


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Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Into Shadow [Set1004]


February 18, 2020

October 23, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.50 - Echoes of Eternity

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Revisions (Since last major patch) February 18, 2020


LeeSalt Edited Eternal Version: 1.49.3
Have Calderan Gunsmith on the back burner for the market for those times when the board is gummed up and you can't attack. I love that card since it can one shot opponents in many circumstances with go-wide strategies like Grenadin.
ReflectingMyDescent Edited Eternal Version: 1.47.5
nice deck, took assembly line out of the market and added jawbone greatsword since it's great against unitless control decks.

EDIT: trave also always has been a big fan of phoenix stone in the market. what do you think about it?
loomweaver Eternal Version: 1.47.5
Not a fan of Phoenix Stone, since it requires mana upkeep and is vulnerable to fast removal, but I see how it would be better than e.g. Assembly Line when playing against a sweeper-heavy deck.