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Total Control

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It's been a while since I last posted a Deck...
I had many decks running, but none were satisfying, as they were either boring as hell or not delivering success... Everyone who ever built a deck knows what i'm talking about.

Finally here is a Deck that is somehow entertaining, versatile and until now also undefeated in Gauntlet (20+ runs). Yes there for sure were a few matches that ended up pretty close, but in the end - win is win.

So what does this deck do? Well, as the name states, it totally controls the enemy (AI). Until now I haven't faced a single AI deck that wasn't beatable (doh... undefeated still), of course there are tricky setups, such as that Dragon deck (everyone hates it) and some bosses (double damage, charge), but this one runs so much board wipes, that the AI should not be able to establish himself ever.

We have Anti-Aegis, anti Aggro, Lifesteal, Flyer, CC, Reanimation, Ramp, Boardwipes, Anti-Reanimator, Relic Weapons... or in short, we have A LOT to face almost anything the AI can throw at us!

Card Choices:
Argenport Blueprints - Eventhough there is quite a few anti-aegis here, it is used to help ramping and later on to bring back necessary boardpresence
Condemn - Ping and additional way to get Builder's Decree from the Market
Cull the Deck - Most of the time you will know what the AI is on about, so offers a perfect way to dig for the necessary cards
Lost Scroll - Ramp, can be used as market fodder once not needed to ramp anymore
Saloon Massacre - It works especially fine against aggro decks, yet when applying the Contract option, it will also remove bigger threats on regular basis (also FM will survive it)
Auren Condemnation - More Armor + Kill
Hidden Road Smuggler - I went for this one to access the market, because his body is to mainly just block off and die while regaining life. It can later be revived if necessary.
Partnership Agreement - We don't really care about the opposition gaining that 1 Justice Power per turn, it's more about us getting Builder's Decree and Stormhalt Plating ready (also a nice addition due to Backbreaker being in the market)
Slay - Kill, fast
Vara's Authority - Eventhough i wasnt a fan of it to begin with, the further Aegis removal in additon to Vara + the extra -2/-2 have their spot when it comes to getting red of some targets
Furious Magniventris - Stun, Armor, 3/5 Body... you wall know it
Nothing Remains - To be played when we have no board presence
Harsh Rule - To be played when we have board presence and need the wipe (we can revive units with Argenport Blueprints later)
Vara, Vengeance-Seeker - Anti Aegis, potential kill either 5/5 with deadly/lifesteal or 3/3 with lifesteal and definate kill
Stormhalt Plating - Finisher

Builder's Decree - This is to be used to close a match. It should be aimed to be played once atleast 9 Power (the higher the better) have been reached to finish off a match or to provide board presence. It used to be in the main deck with 4 copies, but I never needed more than 1 per match, thus it went to the market.
Inquisitor Makto - Allrounder. Nice Blocker, comes back after board whipes (expect for Nothing remains). Constant Threat
Backbreaker - Nice addition to either be played offensively and clear AI units or to buff an attacking Magniventris or even to stall, since Partnership Agreement can push it up very high in Armor
D'Angolo Might - Card Draw
From the Heavens - If the match gets into a situation where the AI wont let you reach board presence over time, yet spams units himself, this is the answer. I haven't used it much, but sometimes, just sometimes, i'm glad it's there.

To have a good start into the matches we aim for 3 Power, 1 ramp, 1 body, 1 removal, 1 wipe
Yet there are also several diferent ways a opening hand may look like. Even 1 undepleted power with Blueprints and Lost Scroll and 3 wipes works decently.
Your Avatar will take damage in many situations, as you dont want to wipe for just a 3/3 or so, let the AI have his minute of fame. Most games are won at around 10 HP'ish (with another 3+ armor). And there are also several diferent way to win a match. There are FM, Builder's Decree, Makto, From the Heavens, SP, even Vara can win matches by her own.

Has this broken Gauntlet? I highly doubt that, eventhough it can win against godmode AI, there will sooner or later be the godmode AI or human misplay that beats it, until then:

Have fun with it

Just because I'm running it undefeated so far, doesn'T mean you will too. This might be due to bad decisionmaking, godmode AI, "not-your-playstyle" etc.

Please don't flame, yet you are invited to share your experiences and offer suggestions :)

P.S. Is there a way to make this more Budget?
Stormhalt Plating could be possibly replaced with Backbreaker and just add another relic weapon to the market, I'd suggest Gravity Glove here since with all the ramp we have, it can end up massive with it's amplify potential (had that in Market on a previous version too)
Inquisitor Makto could be substituted for Howling Kurtarr, since he works well with Partnership Agreement and Lost Scroll. Also Dichro, Vindicated could take the spot due to his regen renewal

Just a little "trick" some players might not know yet:
Use D'Angolo Might AFTER attacking with Furious Magniventris, since it will keep its stats until the end of your turn, thus the card draw from D'Angolo Might will be higher.


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Influence Requirements
4 2

Power Sources
20 20 15

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3 25 31 3 8

Card Types
13 6 36 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Hour of Glass [Set1115]
Valley Beyond [Set1125]


April 19, 2022


Eternal Version
Valley Beyond

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Shoogoo Edited Eternal Version: 22.07.01
Almost 3 months later and this deck is still the best for Gauntlet IMHO.

The only card I swapped out is Vara, Vengeance-Seeker for Rolant, Iron Tyrant. It's surprisingly strong.

I wonder if any cards from the new set would fit in here.

Thanks a lot, this deck is masterfully crafted 😊.
Makash Eternal Version: 22.07.01
Thanks for the kind words.
I have always looked at adding Rolant, but i also didnt want to scrap Vara, tough choice there.

I also havent yet tested it with hte new cards, but I will come back at it some time soon and take a look if there is anything worthy ;)
CheezWhiz Edited Eternal Version: 22.03.02
Five perfect runs. This thing is nigh unbeatable (we'll see if the AI throws me a curve soon).
To address some of the "questionable" card choices -

Condemn - There are 3 revenge based decks you can go up against. Many of them using 1 defense creatures that you really don't want to see come back. It can also finish off a 6 defense unit that blocked a 5/5 Vara. It's good and a 2/2 flying or 2/2 deadly unit is just going to get smoked by the AI's overabundance of removal. I have been thinking about swapping D'Angolo Might for Adjudicator's Gavel to further hose the revenge decks as they are the ones that give me the most trouble.

Partnership Agreement - This is the most questionable of the questionable. But at only 2, it's good when you need it, and market fodder when you don't. It helps make an enormous Back Breaker for beefy Mangi swings, or powering a mythic level From the Heavens against the Praxis decks. Against the one deck running Mantle of Justice and Aegis units - this deck has so many cheap answers to Aegis and so much removal, it shouldn't be an issue. It's about know what to play and when.

From the Heavens - I use this exclusively against the Praxis decks. They have no way of dealing with all the fliers it produces and you easily race whatever they plop down after the storm.

Inquisitor Makto - This guy is pure fire and the first thing I get with my merchant. This is a control deck and a 5/5 flier that never goes away is control in it's purist form. You should never be in a position where you can't cast Nothing Remains because of him.
Makash Edited Eternal Version: 22.03.02
thx for the response. :)

I have been testing with 2 more merchants instead of Condemn and well... it just didnt change a lot, apart from being able to grab Inquisitor Makto faster sometimes, yet also missing the cheap 1 dmg removal... i believe it's a coinflip decision on which option to use.

Partnership Agreement - i couldn't have explained it better :)

From the Heavens vs. Leave a Witness - another coinflip here. As you have mentioned FtH has it's strengths (also it works nice against the armory deck, when you need bodies), but so does LaW, especially when you need to clear a board and are just one big Magni-/Double Relic Weapon-swing away from victory

Inquisitor Makto - Yes!

Adjudicator's Gavel could be a good addition to the Market, eventhough i sometimes also like the card draw... all these coinflips... ;)
CheezWhiz Edited Eternal Version: 22.03.02
I have yet to add it the Gavel XD
I use might too much. I mean, this deck is perfect! I've never played a more consistent deck in Gauntlet before. I'm on a 10+ streak, and the AI is literally cheating at this point and I am still winning. Ya done good my friend.

EDIT - Streak finally broken after 13 runs. Grenadin Revolt with the god draw of assembly line x2 and scrap tank. All I had was Vara's Authority. Harsh Rule, Nothing Remains or Saloon Massacre would have done it... but gods damned Vara's Authority XD
Makash Eternal Version: 22.03.02
13 runs is also impressive, thats like 91 wins in a row. Almost got to hundred there.
Unfortunately there is probably no 100% win rate forever ;)
My firt run stopped at 22, then 9 and another 12, so 3 losses in 43 runs (im currently at 5 again though). so basicly it has a overall winrate at 90+% which is insanely high.
nightday Eternal Version: 22.03.02
Tried it in two runs, pretty fun overall if you enjoy control (which I love!)

I would say End of Story over From the Heavens in the market, the difference in power needed is important if you haven't ramped like crazy and are behind

I've been disliking condemn ALOT as so often it's not going to do much other than hit the market for builders, but since I don't want to play builders early, the 1 mana+fast isn't that much of an advantage. I've replaced with Winchest Merchant for now so I can at least also access End of Story/Makto as well.
Makash Eternal Version: 22.03.02
Thx for the reply :)

You are probably right about Condemn here, it's effect isn't effectie enough to make it valueable.

As for From the Heavens, I'm currently also testing an alternative, Leave a Witness. Does the job too and can keep a valueable Unit alive.
Gref Eternal Version: 22.03.02
Just tested it out and it's strong. The AI doesn't hold up very well against 16 board wipes :D.

Partnership Agreement and Makto were the only cards I wasn't a fan of in some of my games. Playing Makto and Nothing Remains around each other was annoying at times. Playing Partnership Agreement nearly killed me in a Justice match up when the AI dropped a Justice Mantle on the Aegis Lifesteal bird but I managed lol.
Makash Edited Eternal Version: 22.03.02
Thx for the comment :)

You are indeed right, Makto and Nothing Remains are no friends at all, but the idea behind this was to play nothing remains without makto in play, as the the other board wipes work well with him, as they either wont kill him due to 5HP or he will just revenge himself.

Partnership Agreement is tricky against that justice deck, indeed, but having 7 Anti-Aegis and 6 Target removals should do the trick at 6-7 cost (also Magniventris, saloon maasacre or Condemn can easily pop the aegis for the kill)
But since Partnership agreement only "nearly" killed you, what made you win in the end?