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Xenan Promotion (Promos Only Challenge)

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With my inaugural attempt at building a deck with only promos proved to be middling at best, my second outing has proven to be not only much more powerful - capable of smoothly clearing gauntlet runs - but also far more interesting to play and a clearer representation of what I saw in this project to begin with. Not only are many of the available Xenan promos distinct powerhouses in their own right, they come together to form a surprisingly coherent low to the ground gauntlet beater with clear ways to take advantage of the massive amounts of maximum power its capable of accumulating.

The Deck

I have always loved Cursed Prophet Deleph, running him is such a profoundly bad idea almost all of the time that he kind of begs to be in a deck that negates the downside of how many cards you're giving your opponent. Yet despite that, he's done great work here, where no such negation is possible. Largely through the help of cards like Veena's Masterpiece and Souleater Blade.
The real core of the deck is Javan, the Steel Crest, the time 3 drop that has absolutely done the best work for me across my entire time playing Eternal. Capable of enabling so much card advantage that his inclusion forgives a lot of other sins. Thankfully, Javan also plays beautifully withAzindel, the Wayfinder, allowing you to crank up your maximum power so you never have to stop drawing and playing cards. The other recipient of that maximum power is Eris Beastbane who can secure games by making massive lifestealing attacks that have little regard for whether they get chump blocked.


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23 22 20

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4 8 8 50

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June 28, 2024


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