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Tier 3 Feln Aggro

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ETS 2018 S4W1 - Top 8
September 22, 2018


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
2 2

Power Sources
14 15 6 4

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Deck Rarities
25 36 6 4 4

Card Types
27 4 22 0 27


September 23, 2018


Eternal Version
v1.38 - Card and bug fixes, onboarding campaign changes

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SecondBlue Edited Eternal Version: 1.38
Hello friends, this list isn't much different from what I have posted before so I will just give you a match report from the tournament so you can get an idea for matchups.

Round 1 vs Talir Combo - Win 2-1 Quite hard but winnable if you can keep applying pressure.
Round 2 vs Big Combrei - Win 2-1 Close matchup if they have the early ramp and sword can often win the game for them.
Round 3 vs Kennadins - Win 2-0 Trade aggressively with their grenadin when possible and don't rely on rindra if you can't win quickly because them copying rindra can be disastrous.
Round 4 vs TJP Flyers - Win 2-1 Kept a hand with suffocate and annihilate to win this. You need to keep them on the backfoot and be able to deal with their commando. TJP is favoured but also inconsistent.
Round 5 vs Skycrag Aggro - Loss 1-2 Often a bad matchup because they can out tempo you. An unanswered rindra will win you the game though.
Round 6 vs Temporal - Win 2-1 Arguably the best matchup for feln scream but you still have to play smart because they do have relevant interaction.
Round 7 vs Temporal - Win 2-0 Usually grab scream from your market first to avoid worst case scenarios.
Quarterfinals vs Combrei Aggro - Loss 1-3 Bad matchup due to teacher, enforcer and lifegain. Strong deck currently that will cause you problems but it's not unwinnable however the deck may need to adapt for this matchup.

Overall I think the deck is underrated due to personal experience and success with it. The deck does take practice to get the best results but I believe many of you will enjoy this style. Good luck!