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FJS Valkyrie "Tribal"

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This is slightly budget in that I'm too lazy to craft some other cards.

25 Power with four Seek Power, two Favors, eight cantrips plus six Merchants to grab Crest of Glory makes the power generally smooth. It doesn't change that your requirements are still 3F,3J,2S and you go up to 7.

Four each of Cull the Deck and Quarry give you ways to find power or removal, should you need them. You're unlikely to need to find a big unit to start hitting your opponent with as there are 11 and six Merchants.

For the Merchants I split them evenly between Fire and Justice but if you look at my market, four are Fire, all five are Justice, which indicates that I should be playing all four Winchest Merchant before the first Ixtun. The truth is that I've only opened three Winchest Merchants so far and haven't yet had the situation where I want to get Harsh Rule and only have Ixtun Merchant. You can tell yourself anything you want about the flying blocker/attacker vs the three attack. I don't think the body makes much of a difference here.
While we're still on the Merchants, my Market used to be Flamestoker, Bore, Rizhan, Icaria, Crest of Glory with only four Ixtun Merchants. I wanted to be able to Market for a 5 power flyer, valkyrie preferred, so I had Amilli over Flamestoker and then made the conclusion that I want Amilli to either be a big booty blocker or produce skinny white [redacted] to jump in the way. That's the reason I put Harsh Rule in the Market. End of the Story would be in the Market with 4x Harsh Rule in the main deck, likely with five Merchants. But back to the fourth Winchest Merchant, I haven't seen it as necessary to craft End of the Story yet. So we're here.
Ijin's Choice replaced Bore because I have two factions of Merchants. Rizahn and Icaria are in the market to be win conditions that I can trade my worst card for. Crest of Glory is probably what I grab the most because you really need to get to seven power.

I play four Torch, two Annihilate, two Vanquish, two Vara's Favor, four Slay, two Runehammers and three Harsh rules for my pile of removal. I like Annihilate much better than Vanquish but Annihilate can't hit any Champions, Icarias, Heart of the Vault and many other big units. Favor pings matter for aegis and X/1s arouns. Slay is the best removal spell as it doesn't miss anything. Runehammer is sometimes broken, sometimes it's fine, sometimes it rots in your hand or just gains 1 life. Harsh Rule is Harsh Rule.

Four Highwayman, four Makto and three Icaria are our win conditions, plus the Market copies of Icaria and Rizahn. I liked having Amilli in the Market but it's not necessary. Highwayman often has lifesteal and quickdraw. Makto never dies and wears warcries well. Icaria has been killing people forever.

And the last card is two copies of Rolant's Intervention. This is something that could be Lingering Influence or more cheap removal. I just really like it being a one-cost protect for Makto, Icaria and Rizahn. One time I gave a Runehammer +1/+1 to kill a Champion of Cunning.

No more Whirling Duo or Statuary Maiden. Duo was replaced by Merchants. I own zero Maidens, so I play Highwaymen since I have those.

EDIT: Disregard what I had to say about being conservative with stones. Four Winchest, one Ixtun, fourth Harsh Rule, one market End of the Story.[/redacted]


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
3 3 2

Power Sources
15 15 13 17

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Deck Rarities
10 31 16 14

Card Types
18 2 34 0 26

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]


July 21, 2018


Eternal Version
v1.36 - The Fall of Argenport

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