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Mandrake Premonition

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Update 16Nov19: swapped out the market cards for better removal options against both cultist decks. Also found needing primal over Justice so swapped the favors and seeks around. The Faegis is better in most matchups anyway. Gonna do another few rounds of testing, may try mainboard edict of kodosh.

So this is only my third or fourth attempt to actually making a legitimate deck that I can post on here so any constructive feedback would be appreciated.

So I got this idea from playing a draft where I was lucky enough to draft the Burr-Spore Fern and Death from Above. Giving the fern both berserk and flying means that in one swing it can trigger its Mastery where it copies every spell that you play for the rest of the game. The great thing about this effect is that it is not dependent on having the fern in play. I decided to JP with this deck because of the great buff spells that are in Justice meaning that if you don't draw death from above more than likely you can still get the mandrakes Mastery to go off.

This deck has three finishers.
1. Burr-Spore Fern. It is a 5/5 Mandrake with overwhelm and Aegis just simply using this card to bash face is a simple way to win and put your opponent on a 5 turn clock 4 if you gave it berserk.
2. Kenna, Shaman of the Scale. Because of the amount of spells that are being cast and every single one that is then copied by the mandrakes effect counts as a separate casting of a spell can a can get very strong very . I thought about putting in the deck ways of giving her overwhelmed but as it stands even without it she gets flying making her evasive.
3. Lethrai Soothsayer. I currently only have three copies of this card but this card has done so much work in this deck. the fact that it adds 7 premonition bolts that deal 3 damage at zero cost with Warp. It works as a kill spell and the finisher and the fern makes them 10 times better.

As far as matchups go I've been coming across FS Dragon Cult, Zenon cultists, and JPS control the most.
Against FS Dragon Cult it does fairly well there have been a few games that I've lost due to bad draws, which is why I added in the Wisdom of the Elders, but sometimes that just can't be helped. For the most part you want to save your Jump Kick if they drop a dragon as there is only one card that naturally has flying in the deck. I found the most effective strategy is to maintain your face Aegis and try to use your premonition bolts to keep the skies clear.
Zenon cultist can be a little tricky to deal with they have a lot of recursion in the deck they have a few decent kill spells so in this matchup you're going to be pretty reliant on getting your combo going as quickly as possible that way you can keep them off ofKarvet, Solar Dragon and Zhen-Zu, Hand of Nahid. Out of all the games this one I seem to have the most trouble with just because they like to go wide with their strategy and constantly killing off Karvet and Zu can be a tall order.
Lastly JPS control it's really not a super difficult matchup due to your main unit has Aegis naturally and is a big unit so they tend to have a hard time removing it efficiently. The biggest thing to look out for is the deadly units if you're not flying over their head they'll tend to get a little out of control. Also with Shadow being the only color right now that has an efficient sweeper in malediction you have to be kind of careful to not go too wide.

Right now I find removal to be the hardest thing to really fit into the deck efficiently. There have definitely been some instances where if I just had that kill spell or if I had a way to silence my opponent's main unit the game could have gone completely different. I also looking at the market and barring maybe one or two cards that I pull out of there, mainly being the Avigraft and Lay Siege, I need some better answers to the more common decks out there. I can definitely see pulling the Channel the Tempest for something a little more cost-effective.

Anyway thanks for the look and I look forward to hearing any kind of feedback I get.

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November 16, 2019

November 15, 2019


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The Flame of Xulta

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ThaliaTea Eternal Version: 1.47.8
I would recommend palace if you have access to it, main or maybe market
Methin Eternal Version: 1.47.8
I wish I could add it, except this is an expedition deck, korovyat palace isn't.
ThaliaTea Eternal Version: 1.47.8
oh of course, that's completely my bad! :D thats what I get for looking at random decks without checking the format :s
it's a cool deck idea though, definitely unique!
Methin Eternal Version: 1.47.8
So update: I swapped out for the two edicts and they made a world of difference. May try main boarding edict of kodosh
ArrowofKira22 Eternal Version: 1.47.8
Oh man where do i start... it's unusual, spicy and a lot of thought into it. To keep it short i LOVE it!
Considering your experience with xenan threats i think an edict of kodosh might be pretty good, atleast in the market. Savagery might be a good addition too to pull out of the market, it's cheap kinda works as hard removal and supports burr-spore fern well.
Hope any of those ideas could help. I'm excited to see the tuned list of this deck! :)
Methin Eternal Version: 1.47.8
Thanks for the feedback. I have been doing some testing with savagery instead of Channel. Forgot the edicts existed, might swap the shield for green and the feather for the blue one just to give some much needed removal.
Thanks again. I'll be doing some more testing tonight and update with my findings.
Methin Eternal Version: 1.47.8
Wow this is my most viewed deck. Thanks guys.
Let me know how this deck plays for you and any suggestions for improvment.