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Praxis Scout Aggro (12-1 in Masters)

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So, I normally don't normally post a deck until I'm confident with the final list, but this deck has just been SOOO good to me, and I've wanted a true Praxis aggro deck (as opposed to tokens or midrange or pledge pretending to be aggro) for awhile and have had 0 success.
Some quick notes: 1. This is not tokens, so you can cut Rally if ya want, but it's pretty good for finishing. 2. This is an aggro plan reminiscent of Camat0's old combrei aggro. The point here (as he so brilliantly worded it then) is to have EFFICIENT attackers. These are units that cost 3 or less power and can actually attack every turn. This is why I don't run Oni Ronin and why I run Clodagh instead of rakano outlaw; it is also why I run needlespitter. 3. It DOES NOT MATTER that you cant scout all the time. There are 12 ways to scout in this deck (16 if you count the market). Yes, the deck is SUPER sweet when I draw Blurree and Needlespitter in my opening hand or at all, and you are basically gauranteed to win these games if they have insufficient removal, but the inability to scout every turn doesn't really hurt you. Scouting once or twice is enough to make needle spitter better than drone or ronin and clodagh better than outlaw, anything above 2 is just icing on the cake, and the ONE game I lost was due to hailstorms and bad playing on my part, NOT failure to scout. 4. Finally, as you can tell, this deck is incomplete. You probably wanna run 3 or 4 Clodagh (maybe cutting rally, a stinger, and a drone, or just cut all the stingers and add a rally as well, if you are REALLY confident in you market). I'm also not confident in the market, you certainly want a way to scout, as well as obelisk and something to guarantee wins against aggro (thus the site), as well as direct damage (thus heart) and maybe a big dude (again heart), and purify is typically a no duh. But all that said, I draw arcanum and obelisk EVERY time, except for one game where I drew a ton of merchants and won with heart. So it is possible that hourglass and obliterate have a place here, and that the scout in market is unnecessary. Sledge is in the deck to take care of attachments when necessary and beat face the rest of the time and it does an AMAZING job, but maybe needs some market help? ENJOY! And if you have better success with a different version, please comment!


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3 3

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17 13 9 4

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26 28 14 6

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35 5 14 1 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Into Shadow [Set1004]


May 31, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.46 - Dark Frontier

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