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Peasant Jennev Touch

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Fair warning, this deck is a mouthful. It started with the want to just have a Jennev deck. Period. Other decks just come together so easily with good removal, good units, but Jennev in other formats relies heavily on Sites and Legendaries to really tussle. So you kind of have to stretch to find a good strategy, so that's what I did.

There are a few cores in the deck. It's namesake is Touch of Battle which gives a unit you control Deadly and a Unit/Spell/Weapon in your hand Deadly as well. Because it requires a unit in play, the market had to be a Grafter market for more unit targets. That being said, your ideal target is Autotread because giving Deadly to a unit that can ping opposing units is amazing. The key spell you want to target here is Torrential Downpour because, with Deadly, it will kill all of your opponent's units, leaving yours alone. Other cards like Display of Instinct, Solfire, and Cirso's Choice can all wield the Deadly as well, just be wary of Cirso's Choice killing off your own units.

Next we have the Autotread core. Autotread shares a similar core to the Tomb of the Azuremage in the Market as well as Torgov's Wares main. You want to pack cards that want to be discarded. So Lumen Shepherd/Powercell play a double role as a cards that you can discard and a unit for Touch. The 3/3 Find the Way and Herald's Song create copies of themselves so Wares and Tomb go positive, and Autotread has two cards to discard. They also are just more spells in the discard when you eventually want to dome the opponent with Tomb of the Azuremage.

The numbers are largely up for the debate. A lot of the 2s and 3s were cards I wanted in due to their effects just to give myself options against most gameplans, but they could be trimmed or increased to fit your playstyle. Kickflip Monk is great against void decks and actually doesn't die to Cirso's Choice when played on the opponents turn. Full Tilt does a solid Harsh Rule impression against basically every deck except Feln Adept and Valkyries. Display does basically everything, Guerrillas deals with relics, Cirso's Choice is good against aggro and disruption.

The market is pretty solid. You have two modal counterspells, relic removal, unit removal, a unit to get back your Touch target, and then Tomb to finish the game.


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2 1 2

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18 13 12 18

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21 52

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23 2 30 0 25

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March 20, 2023


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Behemoths of Thera

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