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Big Time (Masters)

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This deck has been feast or famine for me so far in FOA. I went on a roll out of the gate running up to rank 2 right after the new cards dropped. Over the next few days mono time and other big time decks became the decks to beat and the meta shifted to stop them and I stalled with a roughly even W/L. Recently the meta has shifted again as the haymaker decks (charge rod, Justice spell ramp and so on) started to fight for the top spot and I've been getting some good runs with mono time again (just went 8-1 to finish this months masters climb).

Thanks to Neoneternal for his Mr.T decklist ( ). I may not agree with him on everything but putting Striking Snake Formation in the market has won several games and comes out of his decklist.

Basically if I'm not expecting a big sweeper I'll play everything on curve. The only thing I'll hold is Friendly Wisp, which can get killed by sweepers early and is important card draw late. I usually just look for hands with a good curve but the most important thing for an opening hand is not to start with 2 power. I have never had a problem ramping to 5-6 as long as I get 3 power but the deck can get stuck on two.

Card Notes:

Journey Guide - Seems like he isn't great on paper but helps get the big creatures out fast. He also helps shut out aggro decks who often can't punch through a 3 body easily.

Teacher of Humility- Good for a 2 drop. People hate her and she's great removal bait.

Ancient Lore- Late game gas, play one if Alhed sticks for even bigger creatures.

Xenan Obelisk- I tried running a decklist without these for more drops but it's important for mirror match ups since the main removal is Carnosaur.

Sandstone Scarf - I don't use it often but it's my favorite market card so far. Great against some Rakano and Hooru decks.

Worldbearer Behemoth - It isn't in this version. I have another version where I use it instead of Obelisks and I'm not sure which one I like better. I may end up running 2 and 2.


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July 11, 2018


Eternal Version
v1.36 - The Fall of Argenport

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