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Quinn Renown

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Main Deck
Focus is on Quinn, Lone Wanderer and therefore has lots of renown units to target tp trigger its effect.
Forgemaster although not all that strong is a good renown enabler as when you renown it you get another free weapon to trigger the renown on something else
Highland Sharpshooter is a really strong renown target and giving this killer or warcry and charge from the warhelm gives the next unit in the deck a really good ability or abilities
Levitate is good for going over and getting in damage or can be used as a combat trick to take down one of there flyers plus giving you some draw at the same time
Hojan, Crownbreaker is another really good renown target as it gives you some power ramp, thinning the deck and giving it an attack buff to possibly trade with something
strategize is one of the few spells which doesn't trigger renown but feel its needed to search for power or influence to hit the 2 red 2 green 2 blue you need or put power or something you don't need on the bottom
Display of Honor is really good for all 3 modes, by turning a problem unit into a goat or getting some of your weapons back from the void (which does happen) eg vanquishers blade or the free forger master weapon or warhelm and the other mode to give something +4/+4 and life steal is a good renown trigger and can give some extra health.
blood hunt is a new addition from the campaign and is particularly strong on Quinn as when the unir comes back from the void you can keep bringing it back, summon, draw a card and potentially kill something else.

emerald ring - as this is a continuous cheap and easy form of weapon/renown enabler -
I did have other choices in mind such as deep forged plate, Steelfang Chakram and units that give weapons such as Minotaur Platemaker Ijin, Imperial Armorer Vadius, Clan Father but felt a more simple choice would be more reliable and easier to trigger - but give some of these choices a try if you wish and see which is more reliable.
bore or some sort of relic removal is a must - if the opponent plays gavel or their own vanquishers blade it severely restricts the deck
gavel is a flex slot and just my personal preference as I like having void hate


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
2 2 2

Power Sources
16 15 11 14

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Deck Rarities
11 19 28 12

Card Types
22 8 23 1 26

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Homecoming [Set1005]
Trials of Grodov [Set1006]


August 14, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.46 - Dark Frontier

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